Tuesday 7 May 2013 by Stuart Baines. No comments
Battlefield Tours, Simpson Prize 2012


It has been a week since our return and after having some time to get over the jet lag I thought it timely to reflect on the trip that was. This opportunity is so unique for the students and I hope that they were able to leave the peninsula with a deeper understanding of what ANZAC means, that they are better able to separate the lives and roles of those men from the legend that encompasses them. It is only by understanding, challenging and by finding their place within this story , that young people today will find relevance and meaning in this part of our history. Part of the Simpson Prize trip is trying to relate the large scale with the individuals who made the story. To understand the lives of men and how this conflict, shaped, changed or ended their lives and what that means to a nation. 

It has been my privilege to lead this tour and my honour to get to know these wonderful young people. I hope that the experience has a lasting impact on them and that share this experience with their friends, families and with the people that they meet in the future.