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With the approach of the centenary of the First World War, the increased focus on the place of the ANZAC story and its continued relevance will be the subject of much public and private debate. Those of us who study and teach history will claim all history is important and certainly there can be little doubt that the period of the First World War forms a fascinating and tragic part of the Australian story. It certainly has left a significant impact.

With the release and implementation of the Australian Curriculum, the Memorial is planning a series of web activities, teaching tools and stimulus materials that will allow us to help you, not just when you visit our world class galleries in Canberra, but to take our collection to you digitally. Only you will know what will work best for your particular students so we will try and create a variety of tools that you can use where you feel appropriate to work in with your lesson plans and units.

We are also making a change to the education section of the website and trying to group together our collection and resources in curriculum derived headings, conflict groups and themes. We know teachers are very busy so we are trying to make our website work as best we can for you.

Most importantly we want to know what you need from us. Comment on this blog, let us know where you are finding resource gaps and we will do our best to try and fill them.

The Australian War Memorial is a very special place; it is certainly not your average museum. Regardless of our views on war or particular conflict, whether we have direct connections to that history or not, whatever the value you place on the importance of this part of our past, the Memorial stands today to help us remember and understand the sacrifice of those men and women of our past and present. You as teachers play a vital part in passing on this story and allowing young people today to make their own judgments and establish their own unique connections to the ANZAC story.


Erwin Ureel

A Newsletter about education, which runs parallel (and refers to) your educational website, would be handy. Erwin Ureel Battlefield guide and Initiator of "The Platoon Experience", an educational project based on the story of the 40th Bn AIF on 4 October 1917.

Jock Webb

I have found your website quite helpful with it's short biographies and brief outlines of events. Grouping the facts to the collection would be an advantage I have no doubt. I recommend that my students use the site for its concision and accuracy.


An I pad app would be amazing. Also interactive tours of battlefields? Fact sheets on Australian battles?

Removalists Perth wa

Very briefly information is given regarding Australian war. Australian curiculam and activities during war is given. this website contains historical information. this is helps for essay or article writing.


Really like your blog, let me know more history. Thank you!

Caroline Torode

An AWM iPad app would be great. Include - exhibits, key artefacts, diaries, letters, biographies (not just VC winners though) etc. An overlay of key events in the world and Australia at the time with events at Galliopli and in the Western Front. So many students do not have a basic understanding or a 'timeline' of what else was happening on the Home Front or elsewhere during that period. A focus on key themes in senior secondary history education - eg.: burgeoning national identity for VCE students would be great.