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This slideshow was screened as part of the "Vietnam through a lens" film screening at the Australian War Memorial on Vietnam Veterans Day, 2013. We hope you enjoy it as much as those that were able to attend on the day did.

Out of deference to Vietnam Veterans Day, all the photographs used in this slideshow were captured by soldiers. One was taken by an army public relations photographer, and the rest by ordinary servicemen creating a record for themselves, their families and friends. All the photos are in colour much like the memories of the servicemen. These images convey the claustrophobia of a jungle patrol (P02877.029), the merciless tropical monsoon (P02177.002), valued time for relaxation (P08445.004) and give the viewer the opportunity to see the war, in some cases quite literally, through the eyes of a soldier (P00510.033, P00800.019). All of the photos are viewable through the Memorial's web site.
David Gist - Assistant Curator, Photographs

The sound chosen for use in the slide show for Vietnam Veterans Day comes from a variety of records held by the Australian War Memorial. Actuality recordings from the period were used including; radio programs (S00675), excerpts from combat radio chatter (S03254) and sound effects (S03297). A feature of the war was the use of tape cassettes to send audio letters home to loved ones in Australia (S00070, S01799) and was used to illustrate aspects of service life in Vietnam. These audio files are available to be listened to on the Memorial's web site.
Jeffrey Wray - Assistant Curator, Sound