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First World War Centenary, News

Written by Alexandra Orr

The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) is hosting an International Fleet Review, to be held in Sydney from 3 to 11 October 2013. This high-profile event, which will showcase ships from some 20 nations, is being held to mark the centenary of the first fleet entry of the fledgling RAN into Sydney in 1913.

P05811.002 - Group portrait of three HMAS Sydney shipmates, c.1913 P05811.002 - Group portrait of three HMAS Sydney shipmates, c.1913

Why was the arrival of the RAN’s first fleet important?

The fleet entry of 1913 meant Australia now had a credible ocean-going fleet. The fleet’s arrival signified the final realisation of the recently established RAN. The Minister for Defence, Senator Edward Millen, declared, “Since Captain Cook’s arrival, no more memorable event has happened than the advent of the Australian fleet. As the former marked the birth of Australia, so the latter announces its coming of age.” The fleet entry was indeed a significant achievement, as prior to 1913 Australia had largely relied on Britain’s Royal Navy for its naval defence.

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