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What is it?

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This small object, made in New Zealand from brass and sterling silver, was used during and after the First World War by servicemen and women serving for the British Empire. An ‘M’ and a crown are engraved on the side of the object and the letters CAC (standing for ‘Colonial Ammunition Company’) are engraved on the bottom.




Is it a bullet pencil from the Princess Mary gift tins issued to troops ?


Very likely a pencil, but not a one of those included in the Christmas Gift tins, at least if the one my grandfather brought back is any indication. The fact that it is partly silver and made by a Colonial arsenal suggest to me that it is part of a well established tradition of military souvenirs intended for purchase either by the troops or by their relatives to send as gifts to serving troops. I also have a WW2 hairbrush with a bronze covered back & Australian badges that was a similar purchase for an uncle - bit of a waste as all his hair fell out while serving inn New Guinea & it didn't grow back.


It looks to me like a drill round used for rifle training.

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Thank you all - we've just posted the answer. Well done if you got it!