Monday 24 March 2014 by Yi Jiang. 7 comments
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What is it?

This is #7 in the Education team's Collection Detection series, where we look at an unusual collection item and the story behind it.

Examine the object above and tell us what you think it is in the comments. We will post the answer and the full story next week!



I believe it is a tool to assist with putting on those long boots.


It is a button hook, for doing up buttoned shoes & boots. That manner of fastening went out of fashion for civilian usage in the early 20th Century.

T. Roll

Must be one of those Hungarian anti-personnel darts. The hooks made them impossible to remove safely.

Robert Fyfe

I think that item is a button hook used by men & women to do up those hard to reach buttons.

Phillip Smith

Looks like a button hook with AIF color patches on the handle


I immediately thought it looks like a button hook - fancy with the stripes on the handle!

Geoff P

I'm opting for a bootlace puller although the button hook sounds good too :))