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The first few lines of the Poem

The first few lines of the poem

The Australian War Memorial is currently undertaking a project to display a range of new content on its website.  As part of this project, we are hoping to digitise and make available online selected material related to Australian service in Vietnam.

We are seeking contact with Sergeant Derek Evans 52843 of 6RAR, who wrote the poem titled From the Infantry.

If you can help please contact Stuart Bennington via


End of the poem where the author is identified as Sgt D Evans 6RAR


Bette campbell

I have a poem their was in an Engineer paper once but it is not that one. I may still have it.I have looked but don't seem to have it. It was in about 1977-1980 and my husband was with 7 Fld Squadron at Enogera.

Stuart Bennington says:

Thanks Bette. We have had a great deal of interest on Facebook to do with this post too. For those who are interested we are hoping to publish the full poem online once we have contacted Sgt Evans or next of kin.


Stuart Hi, I have sent out feelers on the network to locate info on Derek. Additionally I have some poems relative to Vietnam I penned back in 1968 if you are looking for other material regards


Chances are you have been down this track, but I would be very surprised if DVA can't provide some assistance here. I know they would not give you direct contact but may be able to ask Sgt Evans to contact you. The other avenue is the RAR Association, perhaps a WA branch as the soldier has a WA regimental number. The Vietnam Vets Nominal roll will give you an address and perhaps next of kin on enlistment. Could you work backwards? This does not need to be published but it may be helpful in your research.

Stuart Bennington says:

Thanks John. If you are interested in donating your poems please contact who can advise you of what to do. Cheers Stuart

Stuart Bennington says:

Thanks Jan, hadn't noticed it was a WA number, many thanks for that, it will help in narrowing down the search. Cheers Stuart

terry hippisley

could someone tell me the age of the youngest lighthorseman killed at beerasheba?

Stuart Bennington says:

Hi Terry If you send that question to someone should be able to send you the answer. Cheers Stuart

Shannon Lovelady

Hi Stuart - just after the latest. Has Derek Evans been found?

Stuart Bennington says:

Hi Shannon! Great to hear from you. Not yet, we're currently trying DVA. Hoping you are well, Cheers Stuart

Stuart Bennington says:

Just a quick update on this story. We have now found Sgt D Evans, however he advised that despite his name being on the Poem he is not the author. We are now seeking the author of the Poem.

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