• Re-uniting families with lost medals and other items

    Friday 12 June 2015 by Dianne Rutherford. 5 comments

    First World War trio.

    The Memorial is sometimes contacted by people wishing to return items they have found – often medals – to the family of the original recipients or users who served in the Australian Forces. Unfortunately, this can be quite a challenging and time consuming process and the Memorial does not have the resources to undertake such in-depth research for the public, nor do we have easy access to information about service people’s descendants. …

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  • Lost Diggers from the West

    Wednesday 3 June 2015 by David Gist. 1 comments

    The exhibition ‘Remember me: the lost diggers of Vignacourt’ is about to commence a 12-month tour of Western Australia. In a happy coincidence, the Australian War Memorial is delighted to announce the identification of two more diggers from this collection. They both appear in this photograph that includes battalion mascot Jenny the monkey, which has proven to be a popular image with exhibition visitors.…

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  • Forthcoming publication of the Changi book

    Thursday 28 May 2015 by Lachlan Grant. 1 comments

    To mark the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War in August 2015, the Australian War Memorial is publishing a book featuring a large collection of essays, collection items, works of art and photographs from Changi prisoner-of-war camp. For this publication we are reproducing parts of the following collection: /collection/3DRL/0369/ In regard to this particular publication, we are seeking to contact the following authors of essays in…

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  • Understanding Australian Identity Discs Part 1 : First World War

    Friday 22 May 2015 by Dianne Rutherford. 8 comments

    Pattern 1907 identity disc with August 1914 format details stamped.

    OFFICIAL IDENTITY DISCS During the First World War there were threetypes of identity discs issued to those serving in the Australian Imperial Force [AIF]. Those serving in the Royal Australian Navy were not issued with identity discs (excluding members of the Royal Australian Naval Bridging Train, who do appear to have been issued with official identity discs), although somewore private purchase or improvised ones and I have come across one …

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  • Highlight on official records of the First World War: AWM38 - Records of Charles E W Bean, Official Historian

    Wednesday 20 May 2015 by Craig Berelle. 3 comments

    Highlight on the official records of the First World War is a centenary program highlighting those records created 100 years ago, whythey exist and how we can help make these essential records available for research purposes. Function and provenance Charles Edwin Woodrow Bean (1879-1968) donated his papers to the Australian War Memorial (AWM) over many years. His role as Australia’s Official War Correspondent and later Official Historian for …

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  • Gallipoli Highlights: the Ottoman Collection

    Tuesday 19 May 2015 by Alexandra Biggs. 1 comments

    Turkish War Medal (1915)

    As Australia commemorates the centenary of the Gallipoli campaign, it is a timely opportunity to look at the objects in the collection of the Australian War Memorial relating to the Ottoman forces at Gallipoli. As part of an internship at the Australian War Memorial, I have been investigating the representation of the Ottoman forces at the Memorial, through looking at the acquisition and display of Ottoman objects from the Gallipoli campaign. …

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  • Uncommon Bravery, Edward William Mattner MC DCM MM

    Thursday 7 May 2015 by Cameron Ross. 9 comments

    Recently the Australian War Memorial received a donation from the family of the late Edward William Mattner MC DCM MM. This significant collection, which includes his medals, letters to his parents and photographs, highlights the exceptional life of service to Australia both in military and civil life. During the First World War Mattner would receive the Military Cross, Distinguished Conduct Medal and Military Medal for bravery; one of only six …

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  • Welcoming Loved Ones Home

    Tuesday 5 May 2015 by Alexandra Biggs.

    The Welcome Home banner made by Jessie and Alice Middleton in 1919 to welcome home Private J.T.B. Elderfield. REL40074.

    This ‘Welcome Home’ banner was made by Jessie Mary Middleton and her mother Alice in 1919 to welcome Jessie’s fiancée John Thomas Bracey Elderfield back to Australia from active service in France. Banners welcoming loved ones home from overseas were common at the end of the First World War (and in conflicts since), but few have survived to this day. While it only has a few ‘Welcome Home’ banners in its First World War collection, the…

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  • Olivia’s Anzac Day

    Tuesday 28 April 2015 by Kathleen Cusack. 1 comments

    Anzac Day, 1943

    Anzac Day, 1943 138745 It was the crowds that bothered Olivia the most. Every Anzac Day ceremony the strangers swelled around her with somber faces. And last year it rained. This year Olivia was expected to endure the early morning freeze at the Memorial’s Dawn Service. Every year her parents insisted that she mark this day for a grandfather she hardly remembered. Her vague …

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  • Simpson Prize - Gallipoli, Anzac Day

    Tuesday 28 April 2015 by Lachlan Grant.

    Simpson Prize 2015 Anzac Day Gallipoli

    Day 8 and9 - Gallipoli, Anzac Day One thing I can never forget about the day we attended the Anzac Dawn Service is the complete serenity that engulfed the whole peninsula, harshly contrasted with the events that had occurred there 100 years ago. A calm, fluttering breeze replaced the bitter and icy winds that had constantly swept through the peninsula, accentuating the harshness of the terrain the Anzacs and Turks fought in. It was remarkable to …

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