Wednesday 19 March 2008 by Mal Booth. 64 comments

The discovery of HMAS Sydney

The recent reported discoveries of the wrecks of HMAS Sydney and the German raider Kormoran off the coast of Western Australia have fulfilled the hopes of many people who for years have grieved, waited and wondered about exactly what happened to these two ill-fated naval ships.

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Wednesday 19 March 2008 by Alexandra Orr.
Personal Stories, New acquisitions, Collection Ephemera

Can you imagine receiving a message that signified a momentous event in living history?

Teleprinter Signal RC06417

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Monday 17 March 2008 by Robyn Van-Dyk.
Exhibitions, Lawrence of Arabia and the Light Horse

Local historian and biographer Jennifer Horsfield will talk about Rania MacPhillamy, who served as a member of the Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD) in Egypt and Palestine during the First World War. MacPhillamy helped Alice Chisholm to set up canteens in Port Said, Kantara, Jerusalem, and Rafa, and was awarded an OBE for her work. She was remembered with great affection and admiration by the men of the Australian Light Horse.

Sunday, March 23, 2008 at 2:00 pm
For information and bookings, phone (02) 6243 4473
Location: Research Centre

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Crashes and fires were everyday hazards for the First World War flier. Second Lieutenant Frederick Gulley suffered both when trying to land his aircraft in England on 17 October 1918. Gulley was on a cross country flight and struck a post whilst attempting to land in a field close to Tidworth Barracks, Wiltshire. In the resulting fire Gulley’s clothes, harness, face and hands were burnt. He was taken to Tidworth Hospital with superficial burns to his face, neck and both hands, including all fingers. 

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Thursday 13 March 2008 by Pen Roberts.
Collection Books

Found at a Canberra book fair, was a beautiful yet worn, leather bound, gold-embossed volume. The inside inscription reads, ‘From Civilian Library Changi Camp 1942-1945.'

While the words "Changi Camp" are familiar to many Australians, "Civilian Library" might bring some surprise. Further inscriptions, two date stamps and pencilled date ranges, confirm the book's use as a library book. "P188" is probably a collection number.

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Wednesday 12 March 2008 by Kathryn Hicks. 1 comments
News, Collection Official records

The Official Records series AWM 95! A three year project consisting of 47 shelves, 234 boxes and 2575 files. AWM 95s are the Commanders' Diaries of the Australian Army ranging from 1948 to 1975, covering the Malayan Emergency, Malay Peninsula and the Vietnam War. Most diaries consist of a cover with an index, a daily narrative of events, and annexes. The AWM 95 series is the latest digitisation project to be completed by the Australian War Memorial.

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Wednesday 12 March 2008 by Andrew Gray. 10 comments
News, Exhibitions Animals in war

An exhibition on animals in war will open at the Memorial in February 2009. A is for Animals will explore a range of themes relating to animals during times of war. The exhibition will explore stories of the Light Horse; the donkeys, camels, horses and other creatures used to transport soldiers and equipment; the pigeons used to carry messages; the dogs who have located injured soldiers and tracked the enemy, and the many and varied animals adopted as mascots and pets.

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Wednesday 5 March 2008 by Craig Berelle.
Personal Stories, Collection First World War

It was 10 March 1919, and readers of the London Daily Mail were asked to help solve a wartime puzzle.

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Thursday 28 February 2008 by Leigh Harris. 3 comments
Aircraft 1914 - 1918, News Aircraft Conservation

First World War 'war birds' will have their covers restored ready for display at the Australian War Memorial tomorrow.

A special team of French vintage aircraft experts will tomorrow make the ‘last stitch’ of their conservation work on rare First World War aircraft, or ’war birds’ as the aircraft are affectionately known. The war birds are progressively being ‘clothed’ as part of the restoration process, in preparation for the upcoming exhibition, Over the Front.

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