• "Seven pillars of wisdom" - various editions

    Friday 30 November 2007 by Mal Booth.

    The many different versions of Seven pillars of wisdom are sometime difficult to understand, but since I put a small box of text about our 1926 subscribers' edition into an article I wrote for Wartime, I have had to field a few questions about them. When we've solved our image attachment problem in WordPress, I'll attach what images we have of each of them for further identification. I'll now attempt to summarise the differences for you here in …

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  • A progress report

    Thursday 29 November 2007 by Mal Booth. 3 comments

    Steve Burton checking a catalogue image closely at the printer’s With only a week to go before we open, much progress is being made. Recently a number of us have been heavily engaged in the following list (not exhaustive) of activities: The final stages of the design process to do with balancing and sequencing objects, art works and images as we finalise the plans for the exhibition space. Re-drafting, proofing and printing all…

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  • Experiences of a Prisoner of War in Turkey - Capture

    Tuesday 27 November 2007 by Amanda Rebbeck. 2 comments

    Lieutenant A R Brown (left) and Lieutenant G Finlay (right) in a Bristol Fighter. On 27 June 1918 two Bristol F2B Fighters from No. 1 Squadron AFC, A7236 and B1149, took off on a reconnaissance mission over Kitrine. The two aircraft were piloted by Temporary Captain A. R. Brown/ Lieutenant G Finlay and Lieutenants G. V. Oxenham/L. H. Smith respectively. By the end of the mission Lieutenant Smith had been made a Prisoner of War. …

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  • Curtain comes down on To Flanders Fields exhibition

    Monday 26 November 2007 by Craig Tibbitts. 7 comments

    I walked on up the duckboard track to Stirling Castle...(Frank Hurley diary entry) Well folks, that's it for another of the Memorial's special exhibitions, To Flanders Fields, 1917.  Today we started dismantling the show in readiness for the next special exhibition, Lawrence of Arabia and the Light Horse, due to open in the same space on 7 December. To Flanders Fields has been a very successful and popular exhibition over the …

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  • The Great Arab Revolt Project

    Friday 16 November 2007 by Mal Booth.

    Today I was informed of another related blog, being maintained by an archaeology project team in Jordan: The Great Arab Revolt Project. I've also provided a link to the project's home page on our links page. The blog contains some great images of the areas covered by the Arab Revolt in Jordan and also some interesting insights that the team has gained from their digs such as this one from a post on 6 November: . . . Ottoman defensive tactics …

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  • The Bartram Boys: lost during 1917

    Friday 16 November 2007 by Craig Tibbitts. 2 comments

    L-R: Reginald, Arnold and Raymond Bartram. The original caption for this photo says that this was taken sometime during 1917, it's probably in France and that the man on the right is 'probably' Raymond Bartram P05272.002 With the continual heavy battles and the entire AIF involved, 1917 was the worst year of the war for Australian casualties.  It is not surprising therefore to find numerous relatives or even sets of brothers all…

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  • The flag on Anzac House by Joe Maxwell

    Friday 16 November 2007 by Craig Tibbitts. 18 comments

    Joseph Maxwell (1896 - 1967) P03390.001 I found this article last night in an old Reveille journal from June 1930.  Apart from the photos which I've added, the text remains as published.  The author was Joe Maxwell, the very same who won a DCM as a warrant officer near Westhoek, just a few days after the action described below.  The following year he would win the Military Cross twice, and just before the end of the war, the …

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  • Loans from All Souls College, Oxford

    Thursday 15 November 2007 by Mal Booth.

    Hittite horse rider We are just now finalising the exhibition catalogue for printing and I have some time to do more posts about the exhibition. So, Hittite horse rider here is a brief post to let you know a little more about some of the items we are bring out from the collection of the Warden and Fellows of All Souls College in Oxford. T.E. Lawrence was a Research Fellow of the College from 1919 to 1926. He …

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  • One who fell at Ypres: Private Pegram's story

    Thursday 15 November 2007 by Aaron Pegram. 12 comments

    Private Albert George Pegram, 55th Battalion AIF P04810.001 The Battle of Polygon Wood was one of the most successful engagements Australian troops participated in during the Passchendaele campaign. On 26 September 1917, the 5th Australian Division successfully captured the German-held positions surrounding the Butte de Polygone, an earth mound that before the war had been the butt-stop of a rifle range.  By 1917 with the …

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  • New look for the blog!

    Wednesday 14 November 2007 by Mal Booth. 3 comments

    By now you'll probably have noticed that the blog has a new look. Adam Bell is responsible for that. He is our web developer. The design features elements of the exhibition design that have been developed by our designers, Jesse and Nicki, from Arketype in Adelaide. I'm a tad biased but I think they've picked up some of my odd ideas really well and there are some really wonderful design elements that reflect and highlight some of the key features…

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