• New look for the blog!

    Wednesday 14 November 2007 by Mal Booth. 3 comments

    By now you'll probably have noticed that the blog has a new look. Adam Bell is responsible for that. He is our web developer. The design features elements of the exhibition design that have been developed by our designers, Jesse and Nicki, from Arketype in Adelaide. I'm a tad biased but I think they've picked up some of my odd ideas really well and there are some really wonderful design elements that reflect and highlight some of the key features…

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  • More on Beersheba - film clip

    Wednesday 14 November 2007 by Mal Booth.

    A colleague here has recently alerted me to this online clip of the charge at Beersheba as recreated for the film Forty Thousand Horsemen. You can view a three minute clip here courtesy of the new site australianscreen. We will be screening the whole film at 2 pm on 8 December 2007 in our Telstra Theatre, introduced by Susanne Chauvel Carlsson, Toowoomba author and daughter of Australian pioneer film maker, Charles Chauvel.

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  • The Seabrook brothers: all three killed at Passchendaele

    Tuesday 13 November 2007 by Craig Tibbitts. 34 comments

    Seabrook brothers. L-R: Theo, William and George Seabrook, 17th Infantry Battalion H05568 As haunting as any image of the ghosts of Passchendaele is this studio portrait photo of the Seabrook brothers, the sons of William and Fanny Seabrook of Five Dock in Sydney NSW. Theo (age 25) and George (age 24) were both privates, while their younger brother William (age 20), with his previous military experience, soon made it to Second …

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  • Talks and film screening

    Thursday 8 November 2007 by Mal Booth.

    We have a few interesting public talks and a film screening before the end of the year. Here is all the information you'll need. The Telstra Theatre is inside the Memorial, on the lower ground floor. 27 November 2007, 10.30-11.30 am, Telstra Theatre Author Talk: James Barr James Barr's book about Lawrence and the Arab revolt, Setting the Desert on Fire: TE Lawrence and Britain's secret war in Arabia 1916-18, was published in Britain in paperback…

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  • "Wartime" magazine feature on our exhibition

    Friday 2 November 2007 by Mal Booth.

    Wartime Cover #40 The Memorial's regularly published magazine Wartime has a cover story and major feature on our exhibition in the Wartime current issue (#40). We have four articles in this issue: Nigel Steel addresses the liberation of Damascus from the Turks in October 1918. Credit has mostly been given to Feisal's Arabs and Lawrence was responsible for this claim as that is what he said in Seven Pillars of Wisdom. Nigel points…

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  • The charge of the 4th Light Horse Brigade at Beersheba

    Tuesday 30 October 2007 by Robyn Van-Dyk. 2 comments

    The battle of Beersheba took place on 31 October 1917 as part of the wider British offensive collectively known as the third Battle of Gaza. The final phase of this all day battle was the famous mounted charge of the 4th Light Horse Brigade. Commencing at dusk, members of the brigade stormed through the Turkish defences and seized the strategic town of Beersheba. The capture of Beersheba enabled British Empire forces to break the Ottoman line …

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  • Slouch hat memorial at Bullecourt

    Monday 29 October 2007 by Guy Olding.

    Photo courtesy of the Department of Veterans' Affairs. A bronze slouch hat must be a unique commemorative device. A Bullecourt school teacher, Claude Durand, began to translate Charles Bean’s account of the battles, partly for his own interest, partly for the benefit of his students. He was struck by the scale of the British and Australian casualties and realised that they had no local memorial. He and the mayor Jean Letaille …

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  • Pillbox fighting in the Ypres Salient

    Monday 22 October 2007 by Craig Tibbitts. 5 comments

    Australian troops resting behind a conspicuous pillbox, south east of Anzac Ridge in the Ypres sector, 26 September 1917 E00898 A key feature of the battlefield between Ypres and Passchendaele in 1917 was the pillbox.  Along with the dreadful conditions and intense artillery bombardments, pillboxes forced a particularly grim situation upon the combatants that led to very bitter and costly fighting. The Germans had begun a program…

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  • Photos from the exhibition

    Monday 15 October 2007 by Craig Tibbitts. 2 comments

    I should have done this ages ago, but as the saying goes, 'better late than never...' These are just a few snaps I took of the exhibition today. The entrance to the exhibition featuring Frank Hurley's well-known photograph A replica cast of the 'Big Digger' stands guard near the exhibition's entrance. The real statue stands atop the Bullecourt Memorial Portraits and uniform jackets of two …

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  • Our exhibition process to date

    Thursday 11 October 2007 by Mal Booth.

    September was a really busy month for us. We all had to meet deadlines for text, get the initial design concepts endorsed by management and write essays for magazines and our catalogue. So, just in case you are interested in what has gone on so far, here is a pretty comprehensive listing of the process and a few images we have taken along the way. Several senior staff from the Memorial viewed the IWM Lawrence of Arabia: The life, the legend …

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