A force of nearly 5,000 from the Turkish Maan garrison was encountered by elements of the 5th Australian Light Horse Regiment at Ziza on 29 September 1918. This dramatic painting, Ziza by H.

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Wednesday 2 May 2007 by Craig Tibbitts.
To Flanders Fields, 1917 Battles, Maps & Aerial Photos

These four basic maps are from Bean's Official History (Vol. IV) and are just a quick and handy reference for anyone reading about the four battles featured on this blog.  Soon we hope to also feature some really great-looking original 1917 AIF maps, some of which will appear in the exhibition.

Map: Bapaume to Bullecourt from the Official History Vol IV, p 156

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Monday 30 April 2007 by Simpson Prize. 2 comments
Battlefield Tours Simpson Prize

The intrepid Simpson Prize group have now returned to Australia after a very successful tour to Turkey. The final days of the trip were spent in Istanbul visiting the Dolmabache Palace, followed by a shopping frenzy in the Spice Market and the Grand Bazaar. Purchases varied from the predictable (Turkish Delight) to the exotic (belly dancing outfit) and many in the group launched into the spirit of haggling with great enthusiasm.

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Sunday 29 April 2007 by John Lafferty. 2 comments
Battlefield Tours Gallipoli, Week 2

Sunday 29 April 2007 by John Lafferty.
Battlefield Tours Gallipoli, Week 2

Sunday 29 April 2007 by John Lafferty. 3 comments
Battlefield Tours After the trip

We have now left Turkey and gone on our own different ways. Some are off to the Western Front Battlefield Tour, some are returning home and others (like myself) are continuing with other travelling.

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