• Messines - Tunnellers and Mines

    Friday 25 May 2007 by Craig Tibbitts. 18 comments

    Tunnellers – Hill 60 The Battle of Messines was fought along a wide frontage. Australian infantry fought on the southern end of this line near Messines village, while to the north at Hill 60 near Ypres Australian tunnellers played a vital role in the detonation of part of a series of huge mines beneath the enemy’s trenches. The 1st Australian Tunnelling Company had worked there since November 1916, extending shafts for the mines while …

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  • Then and Now

    Monday 21 May 2007 by John Lafferty. 1 comments

    I'm now back at work and catching up on the email and tasks. I am also still processing the photos taken on the trip. As I go through the images I am adding notes but also looking for those images that where taken to match those in the collection. Here is the first one. It is a panoramic photo of North Beach. Although these images have been taken at a slightly different angle the details are still clear and the changes to the landscape become …

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  • Cirkut Panoramas

    Tuesday 15 May 2007 by Shaune Lakin.

    Cirkut panoramas Officers, NCOs and men of the 1st Australian Mechanical Transport Company with civilians at Hainaut Chatelet, Belgium, April 1919 (AWM E05297) E05297 Given their application to the fields of reconnaissance, surveillance and the gathering of intelligence, the course of the First World War was in many ways dependent on the production and circulation of panoramic photographs. Panoramas were regularly produced to …

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  • ANZAC Cove

    Thursday 10 May 2007 by Janda Gooding. 2 comments

    ‘ANZAC Cove’ 1919 by George Lambert (ART02839) ART02839 On their first day in the 'Old ANZAC area'*, Lambert and Hubert Wilkins (the official photographer of the Australian Historical Mission) were taken down to ANZAC Cove by Charles Bean. Bean was keen to introduce them to the area and show them the dugout that he had occupied during 1915. The following day, 16 February 1919 Lambert made another visit to the beach and then …

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  • Natural history

    Tuesday 8 May 2007 by Janda Gooding.

    Looking towards Suvla April 2007 Arbutus shrub White Gallipoli rose Gaba Tepe, 21 April 2007 In late April the days on the Gallipoli peninsula are warm and the evenings cool. Across the peninsula the landscape is a mix of rich and interesting bushy scrub as well as farming land with olive groves, wheat fields and almonds growing wild along the roads. In many places Aleppo pine trees make dense …

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  • Surrender at Ziza 28 September, 1918

    Friday 4 May 2007 by Robyn Van-Dyk.

    A force of nearly 5,000 from the Turkish Maan garrison was encountered by elements of the 5th Australian Light Horse Regiment at Ziza on 29 September 1918. This dramatic painting, Ziza by H. Septimus Power, depicts the unique event where members the Australian Light Horse for one night shared food and fire with soldiers of the Turkish Army and joined forces with the Turks against Arabs from the Beni Sakhr tribes. H Septimus …

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  • Public Lecture by Jeremy Wilson

    Thursday 3 May 2007 by Mal Booth. 1 comments

    Front cover: “Lawrence of Arabia”, Jeremy Wilson 1989 Jeremy Wilson will be coming out to Canberra for the opening of our exhibition, with support from the British High Commission in Canberra. He will give a public talk in our Telstra Theatre on Sunday, 9 December 2007. Jeremy who wrote Lawrence of Arabia - the Authorised Biography (1989) is recognised as the world's leading scholar on Lawrence. He also wrote the catalogue for…

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  • Maps of the battles

    Wednesday 2 May 2007 by Craig Tibbitts.

    These four basic maps are from Bean's Official History (Vol. IV) and are just a quick and handy reference for anyone reading about the four battles featured on this blog.  Soon we hope to also feature some really great-looking original 1917 AIF maps, some of which will appear in the exhibition. Map: Bapaume to Bullecourt from the Official History Vol IV, p 156 Map: Bullecourt from the Official History Vol IV, p 310 Map: Messines from the …

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  • the verso of the story

    Monday 30 April 2007 by Janda Gooding. 1 comments

    ART02856 ART02856 With all the work the conservation team - David, Ilaria, Sharon, Gajendra and Sophie - have done on the Lamberts for the exhibition, lots of new things have emerged - and the backs of the images are a goldmine for information. We've uncovered other paintings, unfinished sketches and interesting old labels. All of this adds to our understanding of George Lambert and how he worked. The 'Double trouble' post …

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  • Simpson Prize 30 April

    Monday 30 April 2007 by Simpson Prize. 2 comments

    The intrepid Simpson Prize group have now returned to Australia after a very successful tour to Turkey. The final days of the trip were spent in Istanbul visiting the Dolmabache Palace, followed by a shopping frenzy in the Spice Market and the Grand Bazaar. Purchases varied from the predictable (Turkish Delight) to the exotic (belly dancing outfit) and many in the group launched into the spirit of haggling with great enthusiasm. On our last …

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