• 'From the Infantry', a poem by Sergeant Derek Evans 6RAR

    Thursday 19 January 2017 by Stuart Bennington. 11 comments

    The first few lines of the Poem

    The first few lines of the poemThe Australian War Memorial is currently undertaking a project to display a range of new content on its website. As part of this project, we are hoping to digitise and make available onlineselected material related to Australian service in Vietnam. We are seeking contact with Sergeant Derek Evans 52843 of 6RAR, who wrote the poem titled From the Infantry. If you can help please contact Stuart Bennington via …

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  • Royal Australian Navy records of the First Gulf War – End of the War

    Thursday 25 February 2016 by Stuart Bennington.

    First page of AAP bulletin for the Navy 28 February 1991 – AWM386 [12/4 Part 1]

    25 years ago the First Gulf War was coming to a very rapid conclusion. After months of build-up and months of CNN wheeling out their latest expert for the hour in their 24 hour coverage, the world had stood tensed waiting for something to happen. On 17 January it all finally started, with an aerial bombing campaign which gave CNN no end of images to play over and over. It all built towards an inevitable crescendo, when on 24 February the ground …

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  • CDT3 Report of Proceedings First Gulf War

    Friday 19 February 2016 by Stuart Bennington. 4 comments

    Report of Proceedings front cover

    Report of Proceedings front cover A very recent acquisition for the Memorial from the SeaPower Centre is the Reports of Proceeding of Clearance Diving Team 3 (CDT3) during the First Gulf War. Reports of proceedings are usually a set of monthly reports of the goings on of a particular ship or establishment in the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). This one is different in being arranged as a sort of scrap book covering the whole of the deployment of …

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  • Royal Australian Navy records of the First Gulf War

    Monday 4 January 2016 by Stuart Bennington. 1 comments

    Back in 1990 as I was flying back to Australia after a month in England I noticed the flight path took the plane over the Middle East. I didn’t think much of it at the time, as the Earth usually does from 20,000 feet, the area looked serene. Little did I know that in less than two weeks this serenity would be broken on 2 August 1990 when Saddam Hussein’s armies rolled into Kuwait and started what was to become the First Gulf War 1990-1991. …

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  • Mystery Japanese sine wave diagram

    Thursday 23 July 2015 by Stuart Bennington. 6 comments

    Occasionally the Official Records teamcomes across a document that leaves us completely baffled; this is one of them. Back when I started at the Memorial in January 2012 this was one of the items that were waiting for me. After asking around nobody appeared to know anything about it. It is almost certainly Japanese in origin due to the Japanese writing on it; and due to the age and paper is most likely to be of Second World War vintage. …

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  • Vietnam Battle Intelligence Computer data tapes Part 2 of 3

    Wednesday 19 November 2014 by Stuart Bennington. 5 comments

    In part 1 of this Blog I talked about the Vietnam Battle Intelligence Computer which was used by 1 Australian Task Force at Nui Dat in 1971. This had resulted in a set of tapes called DECtapes being used for data storage. In 1987 these tapes were backed up onto a 9 Track tape in Canberra. In this part of the Blog I will be talking about the process of retrieving data from these tapes. A single 9 Track backup tape had ended up with the Memorial as…

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  • Vietnam Battle Intelligence Computer data tapes Part 1 of 3

    Friday 17 October 2014 by Stuart Bennington. 1 comments

    I Div Int Unit (Det) at 1 ATF Nui Dat - staff inputting int

    When we talk about Official Records we are usually referring to records that are hand written, typed, carbon copied, mimeographed or even Photostat; but all on paper. Yet nowadays we live in an age where records are generated mostly in an electronic format. Only records that were created in 1987 or earlier are currently in the open access period and available to the public. Therefore you would not expect to see too many electronic Official …

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  • Russells Top Handover Report

    Wednesday 4 July 2012 by Stuart Bennington. 7 comments

    On occasion a totally unexpected document walks in the front door and into Official Records. Recently a report made at Gallipoli was generously donated by Cindy Osborne to the Memorial. The document in question is a handover report from the Commanding Officer 26th Infantry Battalion to the Commanding Officer of the 28th. The Russell Top handover report is a most welcome addition to the Official Records held at the Memorial, for although we hold …

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