• ANZAC Day at Gallipoli - Simpson Prize 2011

    Monday 25 April 2011 by Stuart Baines. 3 comments

    Wreath ordeley duties Well today was the day, the pinnacle of the experience and certainly a big part of why these students entered the prize. The day started for us with a midnight wake up call. We needed to allow plenty of time to beat the traffic and certainly to get as close as we can to the service. When you consider that our hotel is the closets hotel to the dawn service and that we are only about 8 kms away, you …

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  • Krithia, the Cape and Anzac by Sea - Simpson Prize 2011

    Sunday 24 April 2011 by Stuart Baines. 1 comments

    mobbed Today's trip was a chance for us all to look at the role that other nations played in the campaign and experience the different ways that they commemorate. We started the day by driving down to Cape Helles to walk the beaches and cemeteries that house the British troops killed in the campaign. It was particularly moving for everyone to see where the River Clyde came ashore. Knowing what those Brits went through it …

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  • Naval Actions and a Broken Record - Simpson Prize 2011

    Saturday 23 April 2011 by Stuart Baines.

    Dardanelles from Dardanos battery Today was a day spent away from the battlefields to give us a chance to learn more about the naval campaign. The day started visiting the ancient city of troy and although it is not directly related to the 1915 actions it is interesting because it really speaks to the history of the area and the value in holding these straits that the Commonwealth forces were so determined to break. The …

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  • Going to the Front - Simpson Prize 2011

    Friday 22 April 2011 by Stuart Baines.

    looking from Plugge's to the Sphinx There was just too much to tell about today so I will try and give you all a brief rundown and some of the highlights. Today we tried to trace some of the key points on the ANZAC line. We tried to put ourselves in the shoes of those men early in the day by taking the steep climb to the top of Plugge’s Plateau. The hill is thick with dense shrubs which seem to all have sharp bits on …

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  • Our first day in Gallipoli - Simpson Prize 2011

    Thursday 21 April 2011 by Stuart Baines. 2 comments

    Ari Burnu to the Sphinx Leaving the lights and glitz of Istanbul behind us we made our way down to Gallipoli today. It is important for the students to get a feel and understanding for the Turkish culture and the people before they come to ANZAC cove and the battlefields. It was a fun bus ride, even though we talked about politics and religion, as we got to watch the world go by and see some of the beautiful sites along …

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  • One of the Gems of Istanbul – Simpson Prize 2011

    Wednesday 20 April 2011 by Stuart Baines. 5 comments

    Chora church Mosaic Once again the day is started with a great meal. Breakfast is served in an underground area, an old cistern converted into quite a unique restaurant. The plan for today was to visit one of the gems of Istanbul and one of my personal favourites, Chora church. The little tucked away church was not so tucked away when we turned into the street and saw a dozen coaches of various sizes. We turned away and …

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  • A Rainy Day in Istanbul - Simpson Prize 2011

    Tuesday 19 April 2011 by Stuart Baines. 3 comments

    wet hippodrome A wet day in Istanbul. Day two of the Simpson prize tour was soggy. The rain rolled in over the city last night, the sound soothing the tired travellers whilst we tried to sleep. Unfortunately when we woke the rain had not really let up so we new we would need our trusty ponchos and water proof jackets. The rain didn’t make the city any less beautiful, in fact it seemed to make things gleam and the drops …

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  • Simpson Prize 2011

    Monday 18 April 2011 by Stuart Baines.

    Istanbul The first day in Istanbul and the excitement and adventure of being in this wonderful city has kept away the fatigue from the long flight. After settling in at the hotel we decided that we should prepare ourselves for our excursion later in trip to the Bazzar by going and getting a little taste. The excuse was fresh air. The experience is amazing and although only a taste really shows the difference in culture. …

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  • Simpson Prize 2011

    Friday 15 April 2011 by Stuart Baines.

    It is that time of year again when we draw closer to the most significant day of commemoration on the Australian calander, ANZAC Day. Two of the key places to remember the service and sacrifice of those who have served their country are the Australian War Memorial and ANZAC cove itself. These two ANZAC Day dawn services find prominent places on many Australians "to do" lists but only some will be lucky enough to tick both off their …

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  • Australian War Memorial Fromelles tour, 2010

    Friday 19 February 2010 by Peter Burness. 7 comments

    A unique and remarkable ceremony of Australian national significance will be conducted in France on 19 July 2010. It will be the culmination of the long search for those killed, and whose bodies were never recovered, in the disastrous Battle of Fromelles in French Flanders 94 years ago. Now discovered, 250 bodies are finally being laid to rest in the specially constructed Fromelles Pheasant Wood Military Cemetery. The first burials of …

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