• A short ferry ride to the war

    Friday 20 September 2013 by Craig Blanch.

    Charles Delacy, The storming of the Mole at Zeebrugger, Belgium, 1916,

    Charles Delacy, The storming of the Mole at Zeebrugger, Belgium, 1916, ART19776 The raid on Zeebrugge to cripple the inland port of Bruges in occupied Belgium in April 1918 lasted a little more than an hour. It cost the lives of over 200 British sailors and marines with hundreds more wounded. Artificer Engineer William Henry Vaughan Edgar, late of HMAS Australia, joined …

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  • Vietnam through a lens

    Tuesday 20 August 2013 by Daniel Eisenberg.

    This slideshow was screened as part of the "Vietnam through a lens" film screening at the Australian War Memorial on Vietnam Veterans Day, 2013. We hope you enjoy it as much as those that were able to attend on the day did. Out of deference to Vietnam Veterans Day, all the photographs used in this slideshow were captured by soldiers. One was taken by an army public relations photographer, and the rest by ordinary servicemen creating a …

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  • Our Film Commission : John Martinkus in Afghanistan

    Monday 12 August 2013 by Stephanie Boyle.

    The 2011 appointment of the Memorial'sOfficial Cinematographer to Afghanistan followed in the Memorial’s tradition of official commissions since WW1. The Memorial commissionedJohn Martinkus, the first bona fidejournalist toact for the Memorial since Charles Bean, the Memorial's instigator. Martinkus' commission took himinto the world of the Australian soldier whose day to day realities include the challenges inherent in training …

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  • A new mooring for the Ascot boat

    Wednesday 3 July 2013 by Miranda Cookman.

    Steel lifeboat from HMT Ascot used in the landings on Gallipoli. AWM RELAWM05086.001 The start of the redevelopment of the First World War galleries has been an exciting time for the Memorial, with the removal of many significant collection items from the current galleries into temporary storage. A notable part of this project has been the move of the iconic Ascot boat from the Orientation Gallery. Weighing in at over 1,570 kilograms, …

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  • Film Collection Online: The First World War

    Friday 28 June 2013 by Daniel Eisenberg. 2 comments

    TheAustralian War Memorialis currently in the process ofreleasing a vast selection of its film collection online as downloadable content through our website. This material, comprising of over 3000 titles, joins items from the Memorial’s sound collection which have been available online for the last few months. Already over 1200 film items have been released to our website. Each title that is available online has a link embedded on its …

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  • A fateful flight : conspicious gallantry off Algeria

    Tuesday 18 June 2013 by Garth O'Connell. 2 comments

    Lockheed Hudson U-boat attack RAAF recruitment poster. Source : Australian War Memorial collection ARTV03905. On the night of 23 April 1943, a lone Royal Air Force (RAF) Lockheed Hudsonmulti-role aircraft was patroling off theAlgerian coast. The crew of six had asingle mission, to seek and destroy any German or Italian submarines that they found to prevent them from attacking Alliedshipping in the western Mediterranean. To combat this …

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  • Modern knights of the Tank Corps

    Thursday 9 May 2013 by Kerry Neale.

    Facial wounds were extremely common during the First World War, particularly when an unthinking soldier popped his head over the trench parapet. But even soldiers serving within the enclosed “safety” of a tank were not immune from such wounds: small pieces of steel could splinter off the inner surface of the tank when shells struck the outside, causing serious wounds to those inside. Looking almost like a piece of medieval armour, …

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  • It's a dog's life

    Wednesday 8 May 2013 by Kerry Neale.

    It was not just human soldiers on the Western Front during the First World War who needed protection from the new dangers of chemical warfare. Animals serving beside them were also vulnerable. Collected off the battlefield by a member of the 41st Battalion, Australian Imperial Force, this gas mask was made for a German messenger dog. The allied naval blockade of Germany had forced the Germans to develop substitute materials, known as …

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  • The Red Baron’s boot

    Friday 24 August 2012 by Shane Casey. 1 comments

    Left flying overboot: Baron M von Richthofen, Geschwader 1 German Air Service. RELAWM00705 Flying over the churned battlefields of the Western Front, the German pilot Baron Manfred von Richthofen quickly established a reputation as a skilful and deadly fighter. His exploits captured the imagination of the German public, and were feared by Allied pilots. By mid-1917 he had been awarded Germany’s highest gallantry award, …

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  • 70th Anniversary of the loss of HMAS Canberra

    Thursday 9 August 2012 by Marie Kesina. 8 comments

    Today marks the 70th anniversary of the loss of HMAS Canberra. On 9th August 1942, the cruiser came to a catastrophic end in the Pacific during the Battle of Savo Island. Captain Frank Edmund Getting was in command at the time. He had a long association with the Navy. His story, and that of HMAS Canberra, was uncovered whilst scanning the Reports of Proceedings for HMAS Canberra.   Portrait of Captain Frank Edmund …

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