• Changi manuscript by Sir Alexander Russell Downer KBE

    Wednesday 15 February 2017 by .

    cover of Changi manuscript by Sir Alexander Russell Downer KBE

    The book titled ‘Government in Two Worlds: An Introductory Survey of the Governments of Britain and Australia’ was written by Alexander 'Alick' Downer during his captivity as a prisoner of war in Changi, Singapore. A lawyer before the war, Alick Downer, enlisted with the 2/14th Field Regiment and served as a gunner. Following the surrender of Singapore on 15 February 1942, Downer along with close to 15,000 other Australians, was …

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  • Hero of Ambon

    Friday 27 January 2017 by Kerrie Leech.

    VX35406 Driver William Thomas Doolan, 2/21st Australian Infantry Battalion.

    This week marks the 75th anniversary of the Fall of Ambon. The Japanese landed on the island of Ambon on 30 January 1942. Within a few days the small Australian garrison, overcome by the size of the invading force, had surrendered. The fate of these Australian soldiers was varied, but history records that over three-quarters of them would not survive the war. Some of these men’s stories can be told through the collections of the …

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  • Keeping the wheels turning

    Tuesday 24 January 2017 by David Gist. 2 comments

    After a brief hiatus, the Australian War Memorial’s exhibition Remember me: the lost diggers of Vignacourt has opened at the Glasshouse in Port Macquarie, the first of nine venues across regional Australia. Public interest in the collection of images captured by Louis and Antoinette Thuillier is likewise being renewed, and these images continue to reward careful study.From their makeshift photographic studio in the village of …

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  • 'From the Infantry', a poem by Sergeant Derek Evans 6RAR

    Thursday 19 January 2017 by Stuart Bennington. 11 comments

    The first few lines of the Poem

    The first few lines of the poemThe Australian War Memorial is currently undertaking a project to display a range of new content on its website. As part of this project, we are hoping to digitise and make available onlineselected material related to Australian service in Vietnam. We are seeking contact with Sergeant Derek Evans 52843 of 6RAR, who wrote the poem titled From the Infantry. If you can help please contact Stuart Bennington via…

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  • Art of Nation: Mapping field sketches

    Friday 2 December 2016 by Emily Wubben. 1 comments

    Will Longstaff, Amiens Cathedral, 23 July 1918

    The majority of the artworks included in ‘Art of Nation’ will be field sketches, pinned to the location they depict, so users will be able to follow the journeys of the First World War official war artists and explore the location ‘then and now’ in Google maps. Mapping the field sketches was fascinating; for some it was straightforward but for others in-depth detective work was required. George Benson, Frank Crozier, James Fraser…

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  • Mephisto

    Wednesday 30 November 2016 by Andrew Currey.

    On the morning of 24 April 1918, 13 German A7V tanks in three groups left the town of Marcelcave to attack the British lines in and between the towns of Villers-Bretonneux and Cachy. This was the largest number of A7Vs ever deployed in the one operation in the First World War. Supporting regiments of two German divisions, the attack was mostly successful, though by the following dawn Villers-Bretonneux was in Australian hands. On a day …

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  • Terry's biscuits

    Wednesday 30 November 2016 by Dianne Rutherford. 12 comments

    Terry 'Snow' Hendle (image courtesy of the Hendle family)On 29 November 1966 Lance Corporal Terry Hendle received a tin of homemade Anzac biscuits from his Mum, Adelaide. Terry had been with the 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (6RAR) in Vietnam for six months, beginning his tour of duty on 31 May. He was serving near Nui Dat as part of Operation Ingham, a Search and Destroy mission that took place between 18 November and 3 …

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  • Exploring the Archives: Written Records from the First World War

    Thursday 24 November 2016 by .

    AWM25 213/7

    AWM25 Written Records.Highlight on the official records of the First World War is a centenary program of posts highlighting those records created 100 years ago, whythey exist and how we can help make these essential records available for research purposes.AWM25 213/7Function and provenanceIt was not until the beginning of 1917 that any steps towards the collection of the historical records of the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) were …

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  • ‘Lost with all hands’: HMAS Sydney II, 19 November 1941.

    Saturday 19 November 2016 by Kerry Neale. 6 comments

    Starboard side view of the cruiser HMAS Sydney II, August 1941.

    75 years ago, on 19 November 1941, HMAS Sydney II, a light cruiser of the Royal Australian Navy, was lost following a battle with the German raider HSK Kormoran off the Western Australian coast. The loss of the Sydney with its 645 crew remains Australia’s worst naval disaster. The Kormoran was also sunk, but 317 of its crew of 397 were rescued. Starboard side view of the cruiser HMAS Sydney…

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  • Art of Nation: Latest progress shots

    Wednesday 9 November 2016 by Anthea Gunn.

    Memorial landscape

    We have just received work-in-progress shots of the next phase of Art of Nation: the landscaping that will surround the building.Image: OrteliaThis immediately ‘grounds’ the building – rather than the ‘heavenly’ atmosphere in an earlier phase, when the building was being created in isolation from the landscape.View from front door, down Anzac Parade, 8 November 2016. Image: OrteliaThe landscape also serves to position the …

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