• Guns and Horses and Camels... Oh My!

    Friday 12 July 2013 by Miranda Cookman. 1 comments

    Last month saw the removal of collection items, large and small, from the Western Front and Sinai–Palestine galleries in preparation for major building works in the space. All of these objects will be moved into storage, with the larger ones going into the Treloar Technology Centre at Mitchell, a large purpose-built shed that houses some of Australia’s national treasures. Among these items were four special relics: two field guns, a …

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  • Diorama conservation - Condition reporting and documentation

    Thursday 4 July 2013 by Alana Treasure. 4 comments

    Before beginning conservation treatment on any item in our National Collection (whether it is an artwork, uniform or tank...) the first step is to inspect and document its condition. We look at how the item is made, what materials are used, what state it is in and whether there are any damaged or unstable/fragile areas or components. We can then safely handle/move the item and determine what conservation treatment is required. Last year …

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  • A new mooring for the Ascot boat

    Wednesday 3 July 2013 by Miranda Cookman.

    Steel lifeboat from HMT Ascot used in the landings on Gallipoli. AWM RELAWM05086.001 The start of the redevelopment of the First World War galleries has been an exciting time for the Memorial, with the removal of many significant collection items from the current galleries into temporary storage. A notable part of this project has been the move of the iconic Ascot boat from the Orientation Gallery. Weighing in at over 1,570 kilograms, …

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  • Behind, over and under the scenes.....

    Friday 19 April 2013 by Alana Treasure. 2 comments

    Welcome to the first of our First World War diorama conservation blog posts! Throughout the redevelopment of the FWW galleries we hope to give you an insight into what goes on not just behind, but also over and under the scenes! Theframework under Mont St Quentin A birdseyeview over a section ofSomme Winter Behind the fibreglass backdrop ofYpres This is the first time such extensive conservation has been performed on the FWW …

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  • Lockheed Hudson - A Lot Has Happened...

    Wednesday 5 December 2012 by Jamie Croker. 2 comments

    A lot of work has been carried out on the Hudson since the last blog update.  A large number of structural components have been manufactured and fitted into the lower airframe, culminating in the trail fitment last week of the 'Tunnel Gun' position.  Work will soon move forward and concentrate on the Navigators step and forward cabin detail, folowed by construction of the Radio Operators room directly behind the pilot.  …

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  • Lockheed Hudson - Upper Turret Milestone

    Monday 26 March 2012 by Jamie Croker.

    A major milestone was reached late last week with the trial fit of the Boulton Paul upper turret into the Hudson rear fuselage.  The installation was carried out to check the fit with the re-constructed support structure, which required only minor adjusting before the turret was bolted into postion.  The turret will now be removed to allow fabrication of fuselage skins to be completed, and routing of the empennage flight control …

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  • Lockheed Hudson - Turret Structure Trial Fit

    Monday 23 January 2012 by Jamie Croker.

    After months of work treating and reproducing individual pieces, the complex structure which supports the Boulton Paul turret has been trial fitted.  It was great to see all the separate items come together.  These parts, after final undercoating, will now be riveted into the airframe permanently.  Rear fuselage skins can then be rolled, and the Boulton Paul turret fitted. Boulton Paul turret support structure…

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  • Lockheed Hudson - Boulton Paul Turret Build

    Friday 2 December 2011 by Jamie Croker. 1 comments

    The Boulton Paul Turret was the first of the major componemts to undergo restoration, with work commencing in late 2009 on a large pile of turret pieces.  Over an eight month period, the parts were individually treated, and the turret slowly took shape.  The frame is a complex assembly, with literally hundreds of small brackets, all rivited together to make up the cupola, or frame. Aircrew gunner in the mid upper turret…

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  • Lockheed Hudson - F24 Camera Well

    Monday 26 September 2011 by Jamie Croker.

    While major structural work is being carried out, work progresses on some of the smaller cabin fitout items as well.  Mark Aitken, one of the Large Technology conservators, is currently replicating the F24 Camera Well using a loaned original for reference, as well as original blueprints. Original loaned F24 Camera well The blueprint provides all the measurements required for an accurate replica to be …

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  • Closure of the Birdwood papers between 11 April and 2 May 2011

    Thursday 31 March 2011 by . 1 comments

    The papers of Field Marshal the Lord Birdwood will be undergoing conservation, rehousing and digitisation for their long term preservation. Informal portrait of Birdwood in his office at ANZAC Headquarters in 1917 This important collection has been held in the Memorial’s Research Centre since the 1960s. Birdwood is a significant figure in Australian military history. He commanded the Australians for much of the First …

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