• The Taking of Damascus

    Tuesday 14 November 2006 by Mal Booth. 2 comments

    Lieutenant General Sir Harry Chauvel by George Lambert ART02734The blog has recently received a number of comments that reveal the entry into Damascus in October 1918 still inspires strong feelings. The question of who was the first to enter the city has been disputed ever since. The evidence now points to the men of Brigadier General L C Wilson's 3rd Light Horse Brigade as being the first troops to enter Damascus in the …

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  • The oldest photograph in the collection

    Thursday 9 November 2006 by Shaune Lakin.

    Thomas Wingate, 1st Regiment New South Wales Rifle Volunteers, Victoria Barracks, 1861 (P02849.001) P02849.001 Thomas Wingate's (1807-69) photograph of the 1st Regiment of the NSW Rifle Volunteers standing in order is among the earliest Australian photographs to document the military activities of colonial citizens. It records an important moment for one of the colony's first volunteer regiments. On 18 May 1861, the wife …

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  • Image preparation for Contact and Focus

    Wednesday 1 November 2006 by Bob McKendry.

    All Imagery for the book, Contact, was captured at 16bit, 600dpi, ProPhoto RGB at 200mm x 250mm. This then became our raw uncorrected file. From this file we prepared a master RGB file, where we dodged and burnt with density as well as contrast, utilising the Adjustment layer and layer mask features within Photoshop. Once all files were prepared in this fashion we were ready to place them into the designer’s (Brett Wiencke, Art …

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  • Links to service records now available

    Friday 27 October 2006 by Mal Booth. 2 comments

    With the assistance of our colleagues at the National Archives of Australia, readers of this blog can go straight to selected service records using hyperlinks we've provided in the text of our posts. These digitised records allow you to read much more about the background, service experience and fate of some members of the Australian Imperial Force. For example, in an earlier post about our exhibition we mentioned Sgt Charles Reginald …

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  • Introduction to Focus: war & photography 1945-2006

    Thursday 26 October 2006 by Patricia Sabine. 1 comments

    Stephen Dupont, Members of Interfet and journalists, Dili, 1999 (P04315.052) P04315.052 INTRODUCTION On 6 August 1945, when the atomic bomb was unleashed above the city of Hiroshima, the world changed forever. Photographs of the devastation brought home in raw detail the shocking power of this ultimate weapon. Photography has been bound in an intimate and changing relationship with war since its invention in the 19th …

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  • A digger’s road to Damascus

    Tuesday 24 October 2006 by Mal Booth. 1 comments

    German and Turkish POWs H02980On 19 September 1918 General Sir Edmund Allenby launched his final offensive in Palestine. The attack was a great success and the cavalry swept over the hills towards Megiddo, the ancient Armageddon. Turkish general headquarters was overrun on 20 September and thousands of prisoners were taken. Urban Stanley Billing was a trooper in 8th Australian Light Horse Regiment. A fortnight after the …

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  • Mapping war in the Middle East

    Tuesday 24 October 2006 by Mal Booth.

    A member of the TE Lawrence Studies List posted a pretty useful link today to a site that gives a neat 90 second visual display of who has controlled the Middle East over the course of history. It is all mapped out against a timeline from 3,000 BC, up to the present day. See Maps of War. We thought it was good background, especially to the subjects of our exhibition who were engaged in rolling back the Ottoman Empire. Hopefully we will …

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  • Lawrence’s first meeting with Feisal, 23 October 1916

    Monday 23 October 2006 by Mal Booth.

    Emir Feisal B01764 Ninety years ago, on 23 October 1916, the momentous first encounter took place between Captain TE Lawrence, a relatively junior British intelligence officer from Cairo, and Emir Feisal, the 33 year old third son of Sherif Hussein of Mecca. Earlier that year, in June, Hussein had initiated a revolt of the Arabs living in the Hejaz against Turkish rule. Early operations had gone well, with both Mecca and …

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  • Records of the death of Maygar VC

    Wednesday 11 October 2006 by Mal Booth. 1 comments

    Leslie Cecil Maygar VC took over command of the 8th Light Horse Regiment at Gallipoli some weeks Lieutenant Colonel Leslie C. Maygar VC DSO VD A04436after the disastrous charge at the Nek. He led the regiment through the fighting in Sinai in 1916 and at Gaza in the spring of 1917. On 31 October 1917, for the battle of Beersheba, the 8th Light Horse was placed in reserve. Towards the end of the afternoon, around the time …

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  • Handbook of the Turkish Army

    Tuesday 10 October 2006 by Robyn Van-Dyk. 1 comments

    Lawrence worked for the Military Intelligence Department in Cairo as an intelligence officer from December Handbook of the Turkish Army, 1 March 1915 1914 to November 1916. His knowledge of the Middle East gained through his pre-war studies and work as an archaeologist in Syria and Sinai, were put to good use in Cairo gathering and collating intelligence on enemy troops throughout the Turkish Empire and producing maps in …

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