• Lambert and the Light Horse in Toowoomba

    Monday 28 April 2008 by Janda Gooding.

    The Lambert exhibition has just opened at the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery and will be on show there until 25 May 2008. Toowoomba has a long relationship to the Australian Light Horse units so it is particularly appropriate that the opening should coincide with Anzac Day. Throughout his tours in Palestine and Gallipoli, George Lambert was guided by Light Horse veterans of key events such as the Gallipoli landing, Romani and Beersheba.…

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  • Gosford Art Gallery and Lambert

    Monday 11 February 2008 by Janda Gooding.

    Edogawa Gardens, Gosford I was in Gosford over the weekend opening the George Lambert exhibition at the Regional Art Gallery. Adjacent to the Gallery are the Edogawa Commemorative Gardens, beautiful restful Japanese-style gardens with lotus ponds, pavilions and a dry stone garden. As I was sitting in the tea house looking across the pond, I was reminded how much the scene resembled a Hokusai Japanese woodcut print as …

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  • Thirty Years of an Artist's Life

    Thursday 12 July 2007 by Janda Gooding.

    Amy Lambert’s book In 1938 Amy Lambert produced a book titled G.W. Lambert, A.R.A. (Thirty years of an artist's life). Amy used a lot of personal correspondence from her husband including substantial accounts of his time working as a war artist in the Middle East and Gallipoli. Through these letters we get an insight into Lambert's working methods, his relationships to officers and troopers of the Light Horse, and his …

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  • Study for Dead Trooper

    Monday 2 July 2007 by Ilaria Poli.

    George Lambert ‘Study for Dead Trooper and detail of Turkish trench, Gallipoli (pro Patria)’ 1919 ART02857 The majority of conservation treatments on paintings in the George Lambert: Gallipoli Palestine Landscapes exhibition were relatiavely straightforward. There were a few exceptions to this rule, one being Study for Dead Trooper and detail of Turkish trench, Gallipoli (pro Patria), oil on canvas, 1918. A lot …

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  • Recent war artists

    Monday 25 June 2007 by Janda Gooding.

    In early 2007 the Australian War Memorial appointed Charles Green and Lyndell Brown as official artists to Iraq and Afghanistan. Charles and Lyndell are based in Melbourne and work collaboratively on the same paintings.  Their experiences as official artists travelling with the Australian Defence Forces bear some similarity to those of George Lambert ninety years ago - having to work quickly and pack up at a moment's notice when the …

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  • ANZAC Cove

    Thursday 10 May 2007 by Janda Gooding. 2 comments

    ‘ANZAC Cove’ 1919 by George Lambert (ART02839) ART02839 On their first day in the 'Old ANZAC area'*, Lambert and Hubert Wilkins (the official photographer of the Australian Historical Mission) were taken down to ANZAC Cove by Charles Bean. Bean was keen to introduce them to the area and show them the dugout that he had occupied during 1915. The following day, 16 February 1919 Lambert made another visit to the beach …

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  • Natural history

    Tuesday 8 May 2007 by Janda Gooding.

    Looking towards Suvla April 2007 Arbutus shrub White Gallipoli rose Gaba Tepe, 21 April 2007 In late April the days on the Gallipoli peninsula are warm and the evenings cool. Across the peninsula the landscape is a mix of rich and interesting bushy scrub as well as farming land with olive groves, wheat fields and almonds growing wild along the roads. In many places Aleppo pine trees make …

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  • the verso of the story

    Monday 30 April 2007 by Janda Gooding. 1 comments

    ART02856 ART02856 With all the work the conservation team - David, Ilaria, Sharon, Gajendra and Sophie - have done on the Lamberts for the exhibition, lots of new things have emerged - and the backs of the images are a goldmine for information. We've uncovered other paintings, unfinished sketches and interesting old labels. All of this adds to our understanding of George Lambert and how he worked. The 'Double trouble' …

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  • Inside the fort

    Thursday 19 April 2007 by Janda Gooding.

    In late 2006 I was fortunate to receive a Gordon Darling Travel Grant to do field work at Gallipoli. The purpose of the grant is to examine the landscape of Gallipoli in relation to paintings and photographs of Gallipoli in the Memorial's collection. I joined the Memorial's Battlefield tour that left Australia 13 April. After 4 days in Istanbul we have arrived in Cannakale [Chanak] a small town on the Asiatic side of the Dardanelles that…

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  • Looking towards Gallipoli

    Thursday 19 April 2007 by Janda Gooding.

    Dardanelles from Chanak, effects of blizzard on Gallipoli 1919 by George Lambert (ART02833) ART02833 Cannakale is a small town on the Asiatic side of the Dardanelles. From the waterfront you look across to the Gallipoli peninsula with some of the familiar landmarks visible in the distance - Kilid Bahr, Chunuk Bair and Mal Tepe. As we walked along the waterfront we searched for the spot where Lambert may have painted …

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