• Memorial Box Banter - Part VII

    Tuesday 27 January 2015 by Kathleen Cusack.

    Albert and Norman Holden

    On the day that the Armistice was signed, whilst shouts of rejoicing could be heard in every direction, I stood alone with a lump in my throat, feeling in no mood to wave flags, though deeply grateful that hostilities had ceased and that no more precious human lives would have to be sacrificed.* A few weeks after the First World War ended, Gladesville resident, Dora Boulton, opened her mail to read these words from Victorian chaplain, …

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  • Memorial Box Banter - Part VI

    Friday 17 October 2014 by Yi Jiang. 1 comments

    Concerned about the new curriculum? We can help! Exploring primary and secondary sources in the classroom can seem like a daunting prospect but the new Australian curriculum provides an exciting opportunity for students to put their hands on history. The University of New England's School of Education recently borrowed a First World War Memorial Box to show their Bachelor of Education (Primary) students how to use the items as part of …

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  • Memorial Box Banter - Part V

    Thursday 8 May 2014 by Kathleen Cusack. 2 comments

    Nearly a century has passed since the First World War began. It has been almost seventy five years since the Second World War and over fifty years since the arrival of Australian troops in Vietnam. It is little wonder that it can be challenging for students today to understand the contribution Australians have made in wartime. Memorial Boxes are consistently booked out each year in the weeks leading up to Anzac Day as schools search for…

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  • Memorial Box Banter - Part IV

    Friday 21 March 2014 by Kathleen Cusack.

    Dr Kylie Smith, pictured on the far left, during one of her presentations.

    Dr Kylie Smith, pictured on the far left, during one of her presentations. While the Memorial Boxes were initially intended for use in the classroom, more and more aged care facilities are turning to the resource as a therapeutic tool. Earlier this year, Dr Kylie Smith, a lecturer in nursing history at the University of Wollongong, borrowed a specially designed Memorial Box to present seminars on the history of wartime nursing to aged …

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  • Memorial Box Banter - Part III

    Friday 7 February 2014 by Kathleen Cusack. 2 comments

    The Australian War Memorial is fortunate to have nearly eighty Memorial Boxes situated across Australia. Twenty are stored on-site here in Canberra whilst the remainder are administered by the State Library of Queensland, Social Education Victoria, City of Fremantle, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Darwin Military Museum, State Library of South Australia, Albury City Library Museum, Western-Australian Museum and Museum of Tropical …

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  • Memorial Box Banter - Part II

    Thursday 3 October 2013 by Kathleen Cusack.

    The current Memorial Box suite

    There are few places in Australia that have been so directly affected by war like north Queensland. Even today, defence remains at the heart of our tropical cities. With the generous assistance of the Museum of Tropical Queensland in Townsville, the Australian War Memorial is fortunate to be able to have a suite of Memorial Boxes available for schools and community organisations in these northern regions. For these borrowers, in …

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  • Memorial Box Banter

    Friday 26 July 2013 by Kathleen Cusack.

    Photograph 1 of the Griffith War Memorial Museum Display

    Memorial Boxes are a wonderful learning resource for any age. Whilst some of the activities are tailored for a classroom environment, Memorial Boxes are also borrowed by organisations like aged care facilities to assist with reminiscence therapy and community museums to support particular displays. There are six titles in the Memorial Box series: Box 1 – Australia in the First World War Box 2 – Vietnam: the Australian experience Box …

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