Wednesday 19 March 2008 by Alexandra Orr. No comments.
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Can you imagine receiving a message that signified a momentous event in living history?

Teleprinter Signal RC06417

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Friday 15 February 2008 by Alexandra Orr. No comments.
New acquisitions, Collection Ephemera

It seems one of the most expedient weapons deployed personnel can have these days is a deck of cards. Yes, you read correctly. A common form of ephemera coming into the Memorial from those involved in recent conflicts like Iraq, are playing cards, which have been produced by Australia and the United States to reach beyond mere entertainment value into the realm of Intelligence.

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Monday 11 February 2008 by Yasmin Green. No comments.
New acquisitions Art

A sketchbook of humorous pre-First World War caricatures has recently been acquired by the Australian War Memorial. Members of the Royal Australian Artillery (RAA), located at Queenscliff, Victoria, are depicted in this work dating from 1909-1910. Referred to as the "budget" of the regiment and located in what once appeared to be an accounting book, the works were created by an anonymous artist using the name "Zif".

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Wednesday 30 January 2008 by Nick Fletcher. 3 comments.
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Escape maps, medals and military insignia from an infamous German prisoner of war camp are among the latest additions to the Australian War Memorial's collection.

Medals and photographs from Lieutenant JR Jack Millet’s Colditz collection

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