• Australian Naval Force (ANF) Engagement and Service Records now online

    Tuesday 23 September 2014 by Meagan Nihill. 3 comments

    The Research Centre has now digitised and made available online the seriesAWM266 Australian Naval Force (ANF) Engagement and Service Records, 1903-1911. The records in this series relate to men and boys – mainly residents of Australia and New Zealand – who served in the Australian Squadron of the Royal Navy under the terms of the Naval Agreement Act of 1903. Similar to attestation papers of soldiers in the First World War, they …

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  • The Mystery Sweater Girl: Miss Lois Anne Martin

    Thursday 18 September 2014 by Eleni Holloway. 3 comments

    Miss Lois Martin was captured celebrating the end of the war on a Melbourne street by a roving photographer. She stood out among the crowd with her handmade vest and painted face.

    Miss Lois Martin was captured celebrating the end of the war on a Melbourne street by a roving photographer. She stood out among the crowd with her handmade vest and painted face. P02018.226 In August 1995 Melbourne’s Herald Sun printed this photo to accompany an article which asked its readers, ‘Were you the VP Day girl, or one of the girls flanking her as she …

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  • Collection Detection answer #12

    Monday 15 September 2014 by Yi Jiang.

    Thank you to everyone who submitted their guess for last week's Collection Detection. As promised, here is the answer: It is a personal strobe light and distress beacon. Able to flash a bright light to attract attention, they were used by Australians during the Vietnam War for many purposes. One was the guiding of medical evacuation helicopters flying at night to the site of the wounded. This particular example belonged to Leading …

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  • Anzac Connections: 50 000 pages and counting!

    Monday 15 September 2014 by . 7 comments

    Scanning the first page of Anzac Connections: Batch 6

    Today marks an important event in the annals of the Australian War Memorial’s centenary digitisation project, Anzac Connections. 50 000 pages have now been scanned for online access by all Australians and international researchers. This milestone comes as we celebrate the release of another thirty-eight personal collections to supplement the 153 collections already available online. Each of these collections provides a fascinating …

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  • Changi Concert Party Programs: Digitisation Project

    Friday 12 September 2014 by . 1 comments

    The Australian War Memorial is currently undertaking a project to make available online its collection of Changi Concert Party programs. This collection of programs was created by prisoners of war for performances by the Changi Concert Party during the Second World War. The project will digitally preserve the Memorial’s collection of these programs as well as provide full colour reference copies on the Memorial’s website for research…

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  • Collection Detection #12

    Friday 5 September 2014 by Yi Jiang. 5 comments

    What is it? Examine this object and tell us what you think it is in the comments section below. We will post the answer and the full story next week! This is #12 in the Education team's Collection Detection series, where we look at an unusual collection item and the story behind it. Read on

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  • Why it is not incorrect to speak of winning a Victoria Cross

    Wednesday 3 September 2014 by Robert Nichols. 9 comments

    It is often asserted that it is somehow disrespectful, or otherwise inappropriate, to speak of someone “winning a VC”. This is not so. It is, in fact, perfectly permissible – and sometimes unavoidable – to say that someone has won a Victoria Cross or some other bravery award. But why does this make some people uncomfortable? The reason seems to be because they see the term “win” as reserved for the outcomes of prizes or …

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  • Dig Deeper - Recruitment standards

    Wednesday 20 August 2014 by Yi Jiang. 1 comments

    How would you measure up? With the outbreak of war in August 1914, Australia began an official recruiting effort to raise an army to send overseas. However, the Australian Imperial Force (AIF), as it was named, would not take just anyone. It was intended to be a force of skilled, experienced soldiers, chosen from "the fittest, strongest, and most ardent in the land".1 Recruits being medical examined at Victoria Barracks. With 820,000 …

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  • The messages - Commemorative Crosses Project

    Wednesday 6 August 2014 by . 3 comments

    Children writing messages on Commemorative Crosses

    “Your spirit astounds us Your bravery inspires us Your courage awes us Your sacrifice strengthens us...” These words are inscribed by an Australian school aged child upon a simple wooden cross to be laid at a war grave of a fallen Australian serviceperson. Messages of hope and thanks have been written on thousands of crosses that have been placed on the graves where Australian Servicemen and women are buried. These include …

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  • Behind the scenes - Roll of Honour Soundscape Project

    Monday 4 August 2014 by . 8 comments

    Sound file for the Roll of Honour Soundscape during an editing process

    Over a very busy week in the middle of June 130 schools from all across Australia participated in the Australian War Memorials Roll of Honour Soundscape Project. This project is a part of the commemoration of the Centenary of the First World War and just one of many ways the Memorial is involving children in the commemoration. This Project was launched on 4 August with the schools recording around 6,500 of the 62,000 names that appear …

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