• An Australian in Normandy 1944

    Saturday 28 June 2014 by Daniel McGlinchey. 3 comments

    In the Norman countryside raged a tank battle. The air was filled with noise, explosions, screeching tracks, collapsing buildings and the smell of cordite. Captain Leslie George Coleman had been in a building on the first floor directing radio traffic between the battalion and brigade HQs. Later moving from his position, a projectile hit the wall above Coleman and in the ensuing maelstrom he was wounded in his shoulder. He was at the tip…

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  • “Your brothers were laying there, they had been killed…”

    Friday 27 June 2014 by . 7 comments

    The Allen brothers with their family.

    Privates Stephen Charles Allen and Robert Beattie Allen were literally brothers-in-arms. The brothers from Manly in New South Wales had enlisted within a week of each other in July 1915, both with the 13th Infantry Battalion. After embarking from Australia in September of that year the brothers were first sent to Egypt for several months. Unaware of the conditions that awaited them at the Western Front they, like many others, were …

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  • The Partners Project

    Thursday 8 May 2014 by Gabrielle Considine.

    P05415.003 Recently, partners of current serving members of the ADF have shared their stories with the Australian War Memorial as part of the Partner’s Project. Through oral history interviews, this project explores the everyday lives of people who support their military partner. Many partners have discussed the highs and lows of postings and deployment, and the impact these have had on…

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  • "I sprang to my feet in one jump..."

    Thursday 17 April 2014 by . 4 comments

    Private Cecil Anthony McAnulty was barely able to stand. Exhausted from the intense fighting of the previous two days, he used a brief period of respite to pen his experiences of the past few days to paper. Cecil had written in his diary every day since he had left Australia. When he had completely filled his first diary he begana second, writing onwhatever scraps of paper he could find and often using the backs of envelopes sent from …

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  • Anzac Connections

    Wednesday 16 April 2014 by . 2 comments

    Bringing historic documents from the Australian War Memorial’s archive to all Australians The first 150 collections of private records related to individuals who served in the First World War are now online and hold a wealth of stories. In the centenary year of the First World War, the Memorial has launched one of its major commemorative projects to make available the rare historic personal records of Australians who served. ANZAC …

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  • Patrol Bases of Uruzgan

    Friday 11 April 2014 by Stephanie Boyle.

    Patrol Base Samad. Australian soldiers moving resupplies from the landing field

    .. We’ve had seven contacts, and 29 cache finds in the last three to four months.. we’ve killed three insurgents.. so it’s a quite active area. In 2011, the Memorial's official cinematographer John Martinkus travelled from Australia’s base in Tarin Kot, Afghanistan, to Patrol Base Samad, a small and simply constructed outpost where Australian troops train and mentor Afghan National Army members, and Patrol Base MirwaisSet the …

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  • Deploying to the MEAO - Day 27

    Monday 7 April 2014 by Alison Wishart.

    Tigger and a purple monkey cling to the medical flagpole at AMAB

    Day 27: Under her wings Our one hour flight from Bahrain to Dubai turned into an 11 hour endurance test. After spending most of the night in the air waiting for a freak cyclone to ease and in the Bahrain transit lounge, we finally made it back to AMAB (Al Minhad Air Base) safely. Rain is rare in the Middle East, but it has rained in every place we have visited. We seem to be taking it with us. I wonder if it will be raining in Canberra …

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  • Deploying to the MEAO - Day 28

    Monday 7 April 2014 by Alison Wishart.

    Vanilla slice

    Day 28: Decompression My room mate said to me at 9pm last night: "I feel like I should be doing something, that I should be working! I'm allfidgetyand I can't sit still". She keeps checking her right hip for her pistol and her left hip for her military ID that she had to carry at all times on base. She has just returned to AMAB (Al Minhad Air Base) after spending six busy months working on logistics in Kabul. She worked 12 hour days that…

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  • Deploying to the MEAO - Day 29

    Monday 7 April 2014 by Alison Wishart.

    Discarded, dusty boots at AMAB

    Day 29: homecoming rituals Today was our final day in the MEAO (Middle East Area of Operations) - tomorrow we start the trek home on a chartered A340. One of the homecoming rituals is sorting through your kit and cleaning off the dust of Afghanistan. The laundry whirs as people wash and scrub everything so that it will pass the quarantine inspection. Some boots are too down-trodden to be taken home. Discarded, dusty boots at AMAB …

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  • Deploying to the MEAO - Day 25

    Thursday 3 April 2014 by Alison Wishart.

    Interviewing Danica in my bedroom in Bahrain

    Day 25 - Spooks Danica is a naval intelligence officer. She sniffs out interesting information from a variety of sources and pieces together scenarios. Most of the scenarios involve the possible shipment of drugs from Pakistan along the "hash highway" or the "smack track" to the east African coast. Opium is grown in Afghanistan, processed into heroin in Pakistan and then shipped on small fishing vessels to Tanzania and Kenya where custom…

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