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“We would have rather served under the Australian flag than a fake Japanese one!” said a sprightly Second World War veteran. He had just asked me if an Australian made replica Japanese flag was still on display. It was going to be used on Motor Launch (ML) 814 during Operation Mosquito in 1943 to confuse the enemy if they were spotted. It was around 2009 and I was honoured to find that I was talking to Marsden Carr Hordern a veteran who had sailed on ML 814 during Operation Mosquito.


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 “Pulled out of bed in the dead of night by a large monster that ultimately turned out to be a man with his gas mask on.” - Captain Robert Grieve of the 37th Battalion.

Gas masks saved lives but also caused fatalities. They were extremely uncomfortable and hampered the movement of the men, inducing fatigue, disorientation, and confusion.

Corporal Arthur Thomas of 6th Battalion wrote 19 March 1918:

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Charles Delacy, The storming of the Mole at Zeebrugger, Belgium, 1916, Charles Delacy, The storming of the Mole at Zeebrugger, Belgium, 1916, ART19776

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As part of our ongoing blog with which we hope to connect with the needs and interests of teachers and students, last week we introduced the first of our What is it? objects from the Memorial’s collection. /blog/2013/07/30/education-memorial-collection-detection/

Thank you for everyone who liked, and commented on our Facebook post. It was a great response and only makes us more excited for the next Collection Detection. So the answer....


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Concealed beneath the fine jet black hairs of this bearskin headdress is the gilded flaming grenade badge of the Royal Fusiliers. The bearskin headdress worn with the traditional scarlet full dress uniform during ceremonial and state occasions by British soldiers is an impressive sight, emblematic of the sartorial military splendour of the 18th and 19th century.

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A fateful flight : Australian Navigator takes control of his aircraft flying at low level after pilot killed. He has never flown an aircraft before, let alone one with multiple engines and one that is damaged, barely above the water and in the dark. He successfully navigates and flies the aircraft with remaining four crew back to base. Without stalling the aircraft he climbs over the base and his crew mates safely parachute jump. He then safely crash lands the aicraft just after midnight, bringing the body of his pilot back to base and saving his own live. Awarded the second highest gallantry medal to the Victoria Cross for air or naval operations, the Conspicious Gallantry Medal for his actions. Continued to serve in the Air Force, flying in a diverse range of aircraft including gliders and bombers in the United Kingdom for the remainder of the war. Meets and marries his wife in the United Kingdom in 1944, he survives the war and returns to Australia to start a family and resume his career as an architect.

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This footage is an edited down version of a recent donation to the Australian War Memorial - F11790 -

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