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Bryant’s Diary:  Friday 2nd May 1941

Artillery could be heard all day as the battle continues.  It appears as if the [G]ermans have captured 14 outer perimeter posts, but have not penetrated beyond them.  Some big German planes came extremely low today bombing and machine gunning, but three and possibly four were brought down by S.A.A fire.  Fred Legge of “C” Coy was killed accidentally today by an Italian hand grenade.

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1941, Tobruk, Tobruk diaries Tobruk, Rats of Tobruk, 2/4 AGH, 2/17 Bn, Lecky, Bryant, Cosgriff

For information on the locations mentioned in this blog entry, see the Eastern Mediterranean map in chapter 1, page 5 of the Second War official histories:


Bryant’s Diary: Friday 28th February 1941

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