• Good Friday, 1915

    Thursday 2 April 2015 by Alison Wishart. 2 comments

    Soldiers and civilians outside a burnt out building in Esbekiah Street, Cairo. April 1915.

    One hundred years ago, in 1915, Good Friday fell on 2 April. While their families were going to church and preparing fish dinners, the Anzacs stationed in training camps near Cairo, Egypt, went on a rampage. The 'Battle of Wazza' took place in Cairo's red light district. Parts of Derb el Wasa and Haret el Wasser(known affectionately as 'The Wozzer', Wassir, Wasser, Wassar etc.) were gutted.…

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  • Deploying to the MEAO: Day 20

    Monday 31 March 2014 by Alison Wishart.

    The French Quarter where the French forces sleep) at Kabul

    Day 20: Easter without eggs It's Easter Sunday and I am feeling deprived because I have NO chocolate eggs to eat. When we went to the European DFAC (Dining FACility) for brekky, I consoled myself with acroissantdipped in hot chocolate. We have been SO busy in Kabul, that there hasn't been any time to go to the gym. But I have had to wear my bone-crushing body armour every day, which is like walking around carrying 23 kg of weights at …

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  • Deploying to the MEAO - Day 21

    Monday 31 March 2014 by Alison Wishart.

    Tim Chief Winship handing out Easter eggs on our flight

    Day 21: up, up and away Today we said goodbye to the magnificent mountains of Kabul and flew back to AMAB (Al Minhad Air Base). We were supposed to be going to Kandahar in southern Afghanistan, but the flight was cancelled. I was a bit disappointed not to visit Kandahar, once the capital of Afghanistan and now the second largest city, but not much. If you’ve seen Ben Quilty’s painting of Kandahar, you’ll know why. On the trip back …

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  • Deploying to the MEAO - Day 18

    Wednesday 26 March 2014 by Alison Wishart.

    IMG_0577 resized sunrise looking sthwest from KAIA-N base

    Day 18 - not really here Today we arrived in the capital of Afghanistan: Kabul. We are staying at Kabul International Airfield - North (KAIA-N), home to defence personnel from many countries who have joined the fight against the Taliban. This is my second trip into Afghanistan – the first was to Tarin Kot (TK) but then we flew out to the UAE again. On neither occasion was my passport checked nor stamped. It’s as if the two military …

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