• Launch of Contact and Focus

    Sunday 17 December 2006 by Shaune Lakin. 1 comments

    The exhibition Focus and the book Contact were launched simultaneously on 7 December 2006. Present on the day were a number of photographers featured in the book and exhibition: Mrs Barbara Beck (Second World War Army Directorate of Public Relations photographer), John Fairley and Mike Coleridge (Vietnam War Army Directorate of Public Relations photographers), Tim Page and Denis Gibbons (Vietnam War photojournalists), David Dare Parker …

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  • The oldest photograph in the collection

    Thursday 9 November 2006 by Shaune Lakin.

    Thomas Wingate, 1st Regiment New South Wales Rifle Volunteers, Victoria Barracks, 1861 (P02849.001) P02849.001 Thomas Wingate's (1807-69) photograph of the 1st Regiment of the NSW Rifle Volunteers standing in order is among the earliest Australian photographs to document the military activities of colonial citizens. It records an important moment for one of the colony's first volunteer regiments. On 18 May 1861, the wife …

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  • Image preparation for Contact and Focus

    Wednesday 1 November 2006 by Bob McKendry.

    All Imagery for the book, Contact, was captured at 16bit, 600dpi, ProPhoto RGB at 200mm x 250mm. This then became our raw uncorrected file. From this file we prepared a master RGB file, where we dodged and burnt with density as well as contrast, utilising the Adjustment layer and layer mask features within Photoshop. Once all files were prepared in this fashion we were ready to place them into the designer’s (Brett Wiencke, Art …

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  • Introduction to Focus: war & photography 1945-2006

    Thursday 26 October 2006 by Patricia Sabine. 1 comments

    Stephen Dupont, Members of Interfet and journalists, Dili, 1999 (P04315.052) P04315.052 INTRODUCTION On 6 August 1945, when the atomic bomb was unleashed above the city of Hiroshima, the world changed forever. Photographs of the devastation brought home in raw detail the shocking power of this ultimate weapon. Photography has been bound in an intimate and changing relationship with war since its invention in the 19th …

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