• Outside the Wire - Photographs from Afghanistan

    Monday 1 August 2011 by Lauren Hewitt. 1 comments

    The AWM has recently acquired a significant set of photographs taken by photographer Gary Ramage in Afghanistan in 2010. Photographs such as these, of Australian Defence Force personnel on patrol ‘outside the wire’ in Afghanistan, are a first for the AWM.  For visiting media, commissioned artists and photographers, the ADF generally permit only a few days on the ground, usually in the relative safety of established …

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  • The Bicycle in Warfare

    Wednesday 23 March 2011 by Ally Roche. 4 comments

    The bicycle is a machine that we can all relate to, it’s a common denominator.  Be that early childhood memories of the first ride down that steep hill, the freedom to go distances that would be problematic on foot or that flat tyre at the most inconvenient time. Today, bike technology has changed dramatically from the bikes that were being used in the First World War.  No carbon fibre frames or dual suspension shock absorbers, gears…

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  • The Bartram Boys: lost during 1917

    Friday 16 November 2007 by Craig Tibbitts. 2 comments

    L-R: Reginald, Arnold and Raymond Bartram. The original caption for this photo says that this was taken sometime during 1917, it's probably in France and that the man on the right is 'probably' Raymond Bartram P05272.002 With the continual heavy battles and the entire AIF involved, 1917 was the worst year of the war for Australian casualties.  It is not surprising therefore to find numerous relatives or even sets of …

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  • The flag on Anzac House by Joe Maxwell

    Friday 16 November 2007 by Craig Tibbitts. 18 comments

    Joseph Maxwell (1896 - 1967) P03390.001 I found this article last night in an old Reveille journal from June 1930.  Apart from the photos which I've added, the text remains as published.  The author was Joe Maxwell, the very same who won a DCM as a warrant officer near Westhoek, just a few days after the action described below.  The following year he would win the Military Cross twice, and just before the end of the …

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  • One who fell at Ypres: Private Pegram's story

    Thursday 15 November 2007 by Aaron Pegram. 12 comments

    Private Albert George Pegram, 55th Battalion AIF P04810.001 The Battle of Polygon Wood was one of the most successful engagements Australian troops participated in during the Passchendaele campaign. On 26 September 1917, the 5th Australian Division successfully captured the German-held positions surrounding the Butte de Polygone, an earth mound that before the war had been the butt-stop of a rifle range.  By 1917 with …

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  • The Seabrook brothers: all three killed at Passchendaele

    Tuesday 13 November 2007 by Craig Tibbitts. 34 comments

    Seabrook brothers. L-R: Theo, William and George Seabrook, 17th Infantry Battalion H05568 As haunting as any image of the ghosts of Passchendaele is this studio portrait photo of the Seabrook brothers, the sons of William and Fanny Seabrook of Five Dock in Sydney NSW. Theo (age 25) and George (age 24) were both privates, while their younger brother William (age 20), with his previous military experience, soon made it to …

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  • 56th Battalion at Polygon Wood: a unit and a family's sad loss

    Tuesday 14 August 2007 by Craig Tibbitts. 21 comments

    Infantry attack in Polygon Wood by Fred Leist ART02927 The Third Battle of Ypres (a.k.a the Battle of Passchendaele) that began on 31 July 1917 was a series of pushes from the Ypres Salient eastwards to the village of Passchendaele atop the final ridge. The Australian infantry first became involved on 20 September in the Battle of Menin Road, spearheaded by the 1st and 2nd Australian Divisions in the centre, with five …

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  • The Drivers

    Friday 3 August 2007 by Craig Tibbitts. 4 comments

    The following extract is from C. E. W. Bean’s Official History, Volume IV, pp 729-730.  It highlights an often overlooked branch of the AIF during their most gruelling trial at Ypres during 1917. Going into action by H. Septimus Power ART03329 From the August fighting [at Ypres in 1917], the Australian infantry was so fortunate as to be spared, but the detached artillery bore its share. That of the 2nd Division, whose …

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  • Victoria Crosses of 1917

    Thursday 12 July 2007 by Craig Tibbitts. 1 comments

    Victoria Cross The Victoria Cross is the highest British and Commonwealth award for acts of bravery in wartime. In the First World War 64 Australians were awarded this medal. During the battles of 1917 on the Western Front eighteen Australians won the Victoria Cross. Murray, VC P01465.004 Captain Henry William (Harry) Murray (13th Infantry Battalion, 4th Division AIF). 4-5 February 1917, at Stormy Trench,…

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  • Private Francis Joseph Mackey

    Wednesday 4 April 2007 by Craig Tibbitts.

    P05435.001 Wedding portrait of Private Francis Joseph Mackey, No. 3147, of 40th Battalion (AIF), with his bride Cecilia Agnes. A barman of Huonville Tasmania, Mackey enlisted on 30 October 1916 and sailed with the 7th Reinforcements aboard HMAT Seang Bee on 10 February 1917. He was killed in action, aged 37 on 5 October 1917 at Broodseinde and is commemorated on the Menin Gate Memorial, Belgium. View Mackey's personal …

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