• Stop Passerby

    Wednesday 23 April 2008 by . 1 comments

    On the journey from Istanbul to the Dardanelles the Battlefield tour noticed this striking memorial on the slopes of the Kilitbahir Plateau. In English it translates to: Stop passerby The ground you tread on, unawares, Once witnessed the end of a generation. Listen in this quiet earth Beats the heart of a nation. Stop Passerby! Read on

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  • The Old City

    Saturday 19 April 2008 by . 1 comments

    The tour has been visiting some of the famous sites of the old city including the Hippodrome, Haghia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. These grand and glorious monuments tell us much of Istanbul's long history. This city is the former capital of three successive empires Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman. Egyptian obelisk at the Hippodrome(photograph by Rob Hegarty); Museum of Haghia Sophia (photograph by Rod Stewart) The Blue …

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  • Dispatch from a Grandson

    Thursday 17 April 2008 by .

    It turns out that Rod Stewart, one of our fellow travellers on the tour, is also a fellow blogger. Rod's grandfather Edward John Howells served at Gallipoli where he was evacuated injured. He later re-entered the war and served in the Palestine Campaign where he was awarded the Military Cross for "great determination, skill and coolness under fire." Rod will be blogging about his experiences on the tour. A view of the …

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  • Istanbul was Constantinople

    Wednesday 16 April 2008 by .

    Reaching Constantinople (present day Istanbul) was the objective of the Dardanelles campaign in 1915. An objective that failed. The battlefield tour, however, managed to arrive safely at Istanbul airport in high spirits and only slightly crumpled from the long flight. We checked into the Marmara hotel to ‘freshen up' and in the afternoon we set off to cruise on the Bosphorus followed by a visit to the Egyptian Spice Market.…

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  • The journey

    Tuesday 15 April 2008 by .

    Those of us travelling with the Memorial on the Gallipoli battlefield tour arrived in Istanbul today following a long journey from our various home ports. On a flight of over 22 hours it is inevitable that conversations would be struck and I met several Australians also travelling to Gallipoli. For the first leg of the trip I sat next to an Australian Vietnam war veteran. He was planning on touring the battlefields and to attend the Dawn…

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  • Battlefield Tour 2008: The First Post

    Friday 11 April 2008 by . 1 comments

    The Memorial's annual battlefield tour commences this Sunday with several members of the Memorial preparing to set off for the trip. Ashley Ekins, Head of the Military History Section will lead our Gallipoli tour and Nick Fletcher, Senior Curator in Heraldry and Technology will lead the Western Front tour. We will be walking many of the historic battle sites and commemorating Anzac Day with the Dawn Service at Gallipoli and the …

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  • More than just a lifeboat

    Monday 25 February 2008 by Emma Jones. 2 comments

    The three generations: Christine, Natasha and six month old Rose Devanha beside the nameplate on the now one hundred and three year old Devanha lifeboat. Recent visitors to the AWM Treloar Conservation Annex at Mitchell, ACT, introduced through Richard Cruise, Acting Visitor Services Manager, reinforced the sometimes incredible connections that descendants of service personnel have with the relics in the collection. …

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  • Day 12 - ANZAC Day

    Sunday 29 April 2007 by John Lafferty. 2 comments

    View larger image The big day. We start at 1:30am from the Kum Hotel by bus and drive to ANZAC Cove. From there we have the short walk to the dawn service area. This is done early so that we miss the crowds and get some seating. While waiting for the service to begin we see some documentaries and information about some of the ANZACs that died in the campaign. View larger image View larger …

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  • Day 11

    Sunday 29 April 2007 by John Lafferty.

    View larger image View larger image The day before ANZAC day and there is only a half day of activities planned as tommorrow is a 1am start. We use this time to visit some area of interest to the group. Some we have seen before, like Quin's Post, and other areas like a walk along ANZAC Cove are done by some of the group for the first time. This is basically a catchup day. View larger image…

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  • Day 10

    Sunday 29 April 2007 by John Lafferty. 1 comments

    View larger image View larger image The morning of our 10th day on tour has the option of long walk along the ridge above the northern end of Sulva Bay or a shorter walk along the beach of ANZAC cove. For about half of the group (including myself) the long walk ridge walk was the choice. This gave us some great views of Suvla Bay from an area not visited by most visitors to Gallipoli due to its remoteness.…

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