• ‘Lost with all hands’: HMAS Sydney II, 19 November 1941.

    Saturday 19 November 2016 by Kerry Neale. 6 comments

    Starboard side view of the cruiser HMAS Sydney II, August 1941.

    75 years ago, on 19 November 1941, HMAS Sydney II, a light cruiser of the Royal Australian Navy, was lost following a battle with the German raider HSK Kormoran off the Western Australian coast. The loss of the Sydney with its 645 crew remains Australia’s worst naval disaster. The Kormoran was also sunk, but 317 of its crew of 397 were rescued. Starboard side view of the cruiser HMAS Sydney…

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  • Welcoming home HMAS Sydney from the Gulf War, 1991

    Friday 26 February 2016 by Dianne Rutherford.

    HMAS Sydney IV crew February 1991.

    This year marks the 25th anniversary of the end of the Gulf war on 28 February 1991. One of the Australian vessels who served during the Gulf War was HMAS Sydney IV. On 3 December 1990 HMA ships Sydney and Brisbane arrived in the Persian Gulf to relieve the Adelaide and Darwin as part of Operation Damask. They participated in surveillance and boarding operations and after Operation Desert Storm began, Sydney was assigned to the escort …

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  • The Not So Great Escape

    Wednesday 12 August 2009 by Alexandra Orr. 9 comments

    On the 19th November 1941, Australian cruiser HMAS Sydney II was lost, with all hands, off the coast of Western Australia after engaging with the German raider HSK Kormoran. The discovery in March 2008 of the final resting place of the Sydney and the Kormoran attracted much attention. Understandably, there has been much discussion over the circumstances surrounding the loss of the Sydney; however the story of the Kormoran’s Commander, …

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