• Deploying to the MEAO - Day 21

    Monday 31 March 2014 by Alison Wishart.

    Tim Chief Winship handing out Easter eggs on our flight

    Day 21: up, up and away Today we said goodbye to the magnificent mountains of Kabul and flew back to AMAB (Al Minhad Air Base). We were supposed to be going to Kandahar in southern Afghanistan, but the flight was cancelled. I was a bit disappointed not to visit Kandahar, once the capital of Afghanistan and now the second largest city, but not much. If you’ve seen Ben Quilty’s painting of Kandahar, you’ll know why. On the trip back …

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  • Deploying to the MEAO - Day 2

    Wednesday 12 March 2014 by Alison Wishart.

    Day 2 - Departure lounge deja vu We learned last night that the plane which the ADF charters each week to fly to and from Australia to the MEAO has broken down in Brisbane - hopefully it will be fixed to fly 24 hours later.... so I have made it to the GSAO - Greater Sydney Area of Operations. I'm fortunate to be able to stay with family instead of at Richmond barracks. Activities to date: 0900 engage in daily transportation and security …

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