• Film review posted & Churchill

    Wednesday 28 February 2007 by Mal Booth.

    I've just put up Matthew Gibbs' review of the film Lawrence of Arabia against our call for reviews. You can find it here and it is well worth a read. Matthew is a freelance writer from Sydney with a good knowledge of Lawrence. Churchill's Bodyguard While I'm here, did anyone else catch the appearance by Lawrence in the SBS TV show As It Happened about Churchill's bodyguard on Friday night (23 February 2007)? The …

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  • Seeing is believing (more on the taking of Damascus)

    Monday 15 January 2007 by Nigel Steel.

    Damascus from the north east (aerial photograph) B03526The political background to the entry into Damascus is complex and murky. Yet, only by identifying the underlying web of forces involved, can sense be made of what happened as control of the city passed from the Turks to the Allies. It is clear that parts of the 10th Australian Light Horse Regiment were the first troops formally to enter Damascus when they passed …

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  • Gateway to Palestine

    Tuesday 9 January 2007 by Nigel Steel. 1 comments

    Rafa from One-tree Hill by George Lambert ART02693 Exactly 90 years ago, with the capture of Rafa on 9 January 1917, the Egyptian Expeditionary Force arrived in Palestine. The Turkish raid on the Suez Canal in February 1915 had shown the limitations of defending both Egypt and the Canal from its western bank. Beginning with the establishment of a new defensive line 10 km east of the Canal, the British military authorities…

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  • Lawrence of Arabia - a curator's view

    Thursday 21 December 2006 by Mal Booth. 1 comments

    Well, our little exhibition team did all go to watch Lawrence of Arabia in period costume as planned. There will soon be some very embarassing photos and perhaps some film footage displayed on this blog, so keep an eye out for them. I thought that I'd give you my perspective of the film as the curator of our exhibition. (My apologies, for this is a long post and there are no images!) For me, looking again at this film after spending so …

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  • Lawrence’s first meeting with Feisal, 23 October 1916

    Monday 23 October 2006 by Mal Booth.

    Emir Feisal B01764 Ninety years ago, on 23 October 1916, the momentous first encounter took place between Captain TE Lawrence, a relatively junior British intelligence officer from Cairo, and Emir Feisal, the 33 year old third son of Sherif Hussein of Mecca. Earlier that year, in June, Hussein had initiated a revolt of the Arabs living in the Hejaz against Turkish rule. Early operations had gone well, with both Mecca and …

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  • An Australian Woman in the Desert Campaign

    Friday 6 October 2006 by Mal Booth.

    Rania McPhillamy Rania MacPhillamy, born in 1889, was the daughter of a wealthy squatter from Forbes NSW. In 1915 she trained as a VAD and went to Egypt to help nurse the wounded from Gallipoli. After the death of her sweetheart, Ronnie MacDonald of the 1st Light Horse Regiment,  Rania stayed on in Egypt and formed a remarkable partnership with an older Australian, Mrs Alice Chisholm. Together they set up a canteen for …

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