• Outside the Wire - Photographs from Afghanistan

    Monday 1 August 2011 by Lauren Hewitt. 1 comments

    The AWM has recently acquired a significant set of photographs taken by photographer Gary Ramage in Afghanistan in 2010. Photographs such as these, of Australian Defence Force personnel on patrol ‘outside the wire’ in Afghanistan, are a first for the AWM.  For visiting media, commissioned artists and photographers, the ADF generally permit only a few days on the ground, usually in the relative safety of established …

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  • ANZAC Cove

    Thursday 10 May 2007 by Janda Gooding. 2 comments

    ‘ANZAC Cove’ 1919 by George Lambert (ART02839) ART02839 On their first day in the 'Old ANZAC area'*, Lambert and Hubert Wilkins (the official photographer of the Australian Historical Mission) were taken down to ANZAC Cove by Charles Bean. Bean was keen to introduce them to the area and show them the dugout that he had occupied during 1915. The following day, 16 February 1919 Lambert made another visit to the beach …

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  • Natural history

    Tuesday 8 May 2007 by Janda Gooding.

    Looking towards Suvla April 2007 Arbutus shrub White Gallipoli rose Gaba Tepe, 21 April 2007 In late April the days on the Gallipoli peninsula are warm and the evenings cool. Across the peninsula the landscape is a mix of rich and interesting bushy scrub as well as farming land with olive groves, wheat fields and almonds growing wild along the roads. In many places Aleppo pine trees make …

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  • The rail journey from Gallipoli to Cairo

    Tuesday 12 December 2006 by Janda Gooding.

    When the Australian Historical Mission left Gallipoli on 10 March 1919 they sailed up to Constantinople (Istanbul) before embarking on a 1500 mile rail journey that would take them across Turkey, Syria, Palestine and Egypt and into Cairo where they dispersed. The rail link through the Taurus Mountains had only been recently opened and was being used to transport Tukish and Allied troops back and forth across Asia Minor. …

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  • Gallipoli wild flowers

    Thursday 7 December 2006 by Janda Gooding.

    Lambert was interested in the small details of the landscape just as much as the grand vistas. By painting studies of the local flowers and bushes he was able to understand more thoroughly the character, form and colours of a particular site. When he arrived on Gallipoli he made notes about the local plants: "The scrub is greenish with nice dead stuff showing grey purple here there. I propose getting a record of the various plants …

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  • Landscape and memory

    Friday 3 November 2006 by Janda Gooding.

    All of us live with landscape all the time. It surrounds us and is part of our lives. This section looks at some different aspects of art, landscape and how these two things can help shape our memories and our view of the world.  'The last tents at Moascar' 1919, by George Lambert (ART02819) ART02819 Read on

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