• Lambert in Melbourne

    Friday 24 August 2007 by Janda Gooding.

    Entrance to exhibition at Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne Here are some of the latest pics of the George Lambert exhibition at the Ian Potter Museum of Art, Melbourne. You can see that it looks quite different to how it did in Canberra. As each venue has different physical spaces and facilities and even different visitor patterns, the exhibition is 're-designed' for each specific venue. Whereas in Canberra we used …

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  • ANZAC Cove

    Thursday 10 May 2007 by Janda Gooding. 2 comments

    ‘ANZAC Cove’ 1919 by George Lambert (ART02839) ART02839 On their first day in the 'Old ANZAC area'*, Lambert and Hubert Wilkins (the official photographer of the Australian Historical Mission) were taken down to ANZAC Cove by Charles Bean. Bean was keen to introduce them to the area and show them the dugout that he had occupied during 1915. The following day, 16 February 1919 Lambert made another visit to the beach …

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  • Natural history

    Tuesday 8 May 2007 by Janda Gooding.

    Looking towards Suvla April 2007 Arbutus shrub White Gallipoli rose Gaba Tepe, 21 April 2007 In late April the days on the Gallipoli peninsula are warm and the evenings cool. Across the peninsula the landscape is a mix of rich and interesting bushy scrub as well as farming land with olive groves, wheat fields and almonds growing wild along the roads. In many places Aleppo pine trees make …

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