• Canberra screening of 'Lawrence of Arabia'

    Wednesday 29 November 2006 by Mal Booth.

    Lawrence of Arabia film poster As part of the Evolution Film Festival, Canberra's Electric Shadows cinema will be screening David Lean's Lawrence of Arabia on 2 and 7 December 2006. This 1962 film is largely responsible for Lawrence's enduring image with many people today. We will be going to the Saturday evening screening (the show starts at 7.30 pm but get there early) to hand out some flyers about our …

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  • Chauvel on the taking of Damascus

    Tuesday 28 November 2006 by Robyn Van-Dyk.

    The papers of General Sir Henry George Chauvel are one of the highlights of the Memorial's written collections.  This collection contains numerous correspondence exchanged between “Harry” Chauvel and his family and also includes two spectacular, large leather bound, gold embossed, scrap books created by Lady Chauvel after the war. The volumes document Chauvel’s military engagements during the war and offer an insight into his …

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  • The Taking of Damascus

    Tuesday 14 November 2006 by Mal Booth. 2 comments

    Lieutenant General Sir Harry Chauvel by George Lambert ART02734The blog has recently received a number of comments that reveal the entry into Damascus in October 1918 still inspires strong feelings. The question of who was the first to enter the city has been disputed ever since. The evidence now points to the men of Brigadier General L C Wilson's 3rd Light Horse Brigade as being the first troops to enter Damascus in the …

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  • Lawrence’s first meeting with Feisal, 23 October 1916

    Monday 23 October 2006 by Mal Booth.

    Emir Feisal B01764 Ninety years ago, on 23 October 1916, the momentous first encounter took place between Captain TE Lawrence, a relatively junior British intelligence officer from Cairo, and Emir Feisal, the 33 year old third son of Sherif Hussein of Mecca. Earlier that year, in June, Hussein had initiated a revolt of the Arabs living in the Hejaz against Turkish rule. Early operations had gone well, with both Mecca and …

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  • Handbook of the Turkish Army

    Tuesday 10 October 2006 by Robyn Van-Dyk. 1 comments

    Lawrence worked for the Military Intelligence Department in Cairo as an intelligence officer from December Handbook of the Turkish Army, 1 March 1915 1914 to November 1916. His knowledge of the Middle East gained through his pre-war studies and work as an archaeologist in Syria and Sinai, were put to good use in Cairo gathering and collating intelligence on enemy troops throughout the Turkish Empire and producing maps in …

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  • TE Lawrence correspondence in our records

    Wednesday 20 September 2006 by Mal Booth.

    The following interesting exchange between C. E. W. Bean (Australia's Official Historian for the First World War) and TE Lawrence was found a while ago when we started researching our exhibition. It was found in an official record series: AWM 43 'Official History, 1914-18 War, biographical and other research files'. Bean intended to show biographical details (eg. the dates and places of birth and a connection to a town or district to …

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  • Seven pillars of wisdom

    Thursday 14 September 2006 by Mal Booth. 1 comments

    Seven pillars 1926 subscriber's edition One strong connection between Lawrence and the Light Horse is evident in our books collection. We have a very rare edition of TE Lawrence’s memoir of the Arab Revolt, Seven pillars of wisdom. Only a very limited, but lavish edition was produced while Lawrence was still alive (in 1926). An abridged version The Revolt in the Desert was produced in 1927, but the full trade edition …

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