• Installation . . . at last!

    Monday 3 December 2007 by Mal Booth.

    The painters have been here We promise to clean this up before anyone steps in a can. Andy Paul unpacking IWM loans. The quarantine inspection! The loans were unpacked last Friday under the supervision of Andy Holbrook, the loans shipment courier who is the Collections Care Manager at the IWM, and our Quarantine Inspector from AQIS. The reverse of the famous Augustus John…

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  • Loans from All Souls College, Oxford

    Thursday 15 November 2007 by Mal Booth.

    Hittite horse rider We are just now finalising the exhibition catalogue for printing and I have some time to do more posts about the exhibition. So, Hittite horse rider here is a brief post to let you know a little more about some of the items we are bring out from the collection of the Warden and Fellows of All Souls College in Oxford. T.E. Lawrence was a Research Fellow of the College from 1919 to …

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  • One that got away

    Friday 24 August 2007 by Mal Booth. 3 comments

    Well, at least something we were not allowed to borrow . . . We did want to bring one of Lawrence's Arab daggers out to show in our exhibition. Two were displayed by the IWM: a gold dagger made for Lawrence in Mecca in 1917 that is now owned by All Souls College, Oxford; and a silver-gilt dagger now owned by Lord and Lady Kennet. I thought that it would be best to try for both and my first negotiation was in London at the home of Lord …

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  • Putting our exhibition together (#2, IWM loans)

    Monday 13 August 2007 by Mal Booth.

    In this post I will begin to cover my second trip to London in late June 2006 to negotiate Emir Feisal and bodyguard heading northwards to Wejh loans from the UK, mostly for the Lawrence side of our exhibition. It really was a great priviledge to be able to do this and to return to London so soon after my quick visit over Easter to see the IWM's Lawrence exhibition. Museum's are not made of money and this trip was made …

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  • Putting our exhibition together (#1)

    Friday 10 August 2007 by Mal Booth.

    A while back, one of our regular readers was talking to me about what we were doing and expressed some surprise at what effort is going into this exhibition. He said that he thought we just went out the back and grabbed things to put into cabinets and presto, an exhibition is born. Well, words to that effect. Others have emailed me recently about being interested in what goes into putting our exhibitions together. The process isn't …

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  • Viewing the IWM exhibition, Part Two

    Friday 13 July 2007 by Mal Booth.

    A while back, actually a long while back, I promised to enlighten you about a couple of inspiring things that I saw in London in 2006 during my visits to view the IWM's Lawrence of Arabia, the Life, the Legend exhibition and to negotiate our UK loans. So after a long delay and absolutely no requests to read the second part of my story, here it is. I must tell you that what I've written below were my impressions, recorded in London over …

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