A fateful flight : Australian Navigator takes control of his aircraft flying at low level after pilot killed. He has never flown an aircraft before, let alone one with multiple engines and one that is damaged, barely above the water and in the dark. He successfully navigates and flies the aircraft with remaining four crew back to base. Without stalling the aircraft he climbs over the base and his crew mates safely parachute jump. He then safely crash lands the aicraft just after midnight, bringing the body of his pilot back to base and saving his own live. Awarded the second highest gallantry medal to the Victoria Cross for air or naval operations, the Conspicious Gallantry Medal for his actions. Continued to serve in the Air Force, flying in a diverse range of aircraft including gliders and bombers in the United Kingdom for the remainder of the war. Meets and marries his wife in the United Kingdom in 1944, he survives the war and returns to Australia to start a family and resume his career as an architect.

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