• Deploying to the MEAO - Day 27

    Monday 7 April 2014 by Alison Wishart.

    Tigger and a purple monkey cling to the medical flagpole at AMAB

    Day 27: Under her wings Our one hour flight from Bahrain to Dubai turned into an 11 hour endurance test. After spending most of the night in the air waiting for a freak cyclone to ease and in the Bahrain transit lounge, we finally made it back to AMAB (Al Minhad Air Base) safely. Rain is rare in the Middle East, but it has rained in every place we have visited. We seem to be taking it with us. I wonder if it will be raining in Canberra …

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  • Deploying to the MEAO - Day 16

    Wednesday 26 March 2014 by Alison Wishart.

    Day 16 - Staying connected No modern soldier goes to war without a laptop. This was an observation that Sally Sara, the ABC's former foreign correspondent in Afghanistanmade. Sara reported that when some troops who were stationed at a remote patrol base and hadn't been able to have a shower for three months were offered the choice of having showers orinternet access installed, they chose internet. When you're sent on a 6-12 month …

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