• Highlight on official records of the First World War: AWM25 Written Records, 1914-18 War

    Thursday 24 November 2016 by Craig Berelle.

    AWM25 213/7

    Highlight on the official records of the First World War is a centenary program of posts highlighting those records created 100 years ago, whythey exist and how we can help make these essential records available for research purposes.AWM25 213/7Function and provenanceIt was not until the beginning of 1917 that any steps towards the collection of the historical records of the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) were taken. From the beginning …

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  • "Any little news I can get"

    Monday 27 October 2008 by Jessie Webb. 7 comments

    In the Research Centre, we receive a lot of enquiries from people who want to know how and where their relatives died in the First World War. Finding out this information can be a difficult task. Quite often families know no more than that their relative died on a particular date in a particular country, and they'd like to know if we can help them narrow that down. With the advent of the Internet and the progress of digitisation …

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  • Going out for a spell...

    Thursday 21 August 2008 by Ann Penhallow.

    What does a twenty-three year old wag of a soldier say in his defence, when facing yet another court martial for going AWOL during the First World War?  If you're Private Albert Stipek, the words come easily: "I met some friends and went away with them. I had no idea the Battalion was going to the Line. I thought it was going out for a spell".  Nevertheless, he had absented himself from the 51st Battalion for nearly two months. We can …

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  • Charging Home

    Tuesday 19 August 2008 by Ann Penhallow. 4 comments

    This week the Research Centre received a call from a fan of Sandy, Major General Sir William Throsby Bridges' favourite charger.  November this year sees the 90th anniversary of Sandy's return to Australia, after a tour of duty which included the coast of Gallipoli, Egypt and France.  Sandy's fan wished to confirm the information the Research Centre has about this much-loved animal in preparation for a ceremony to mark the anniversary.…

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  • Recent acquisitions: DMI records

    Friday 6 June 2008 by Craig Berelle.

    Series AWM347 is a recently acquired collection of historical records of the Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI). Accumulated from 1927 to 1984, these records afford a detailed and often fascinating look into the thinking that characterised Australian and Allied intelligence doctrine for over half a century. Monthly Intelligence Report for November 1950. AWM347, [172]. The collection consists of supplementary …

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  • Recent acquisitions - Official Records

    Tuesday 20 May 2008 by Craig Tibbitts. 2 comments

    With the Korean coastline in the background, Commander Warwick Seymour Bracegirdle relaxes on the bridge of HMAS Bataan during his inspection of Commonwealth Naval Units in Korean waters. This will be the first in a regular program of blog posts letting people know of recent acquisitions in the Research Centre's Official Records Collection. We hope to provide a few more updates over the next few weeks, before settling …

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  • The battles of Coral & Balmoral: May-June 1968

    Monday 12 May 2008 by Mal Booth. 1 comments

    Forty years ago, in May/June 1968 Australian soldiers fought their largest, most sustained and arguably most hazardous battles of the Vietnam War. Units of the 1st Australian Task Force (1ATF) confronted regimental-sized formations of the North Vietnamese regular army in fierce actions around Fire Support Patrol Bases (FSPB) Coral and Balmoral in what was then known as Bien Hoa province. The location of FSPBs Coral and Balmoral are …

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  • What do 70,000 images equal?

    Wednesday 12 March 2008 by Kathryn Hicks. 1 comments

    The Official Records series AWM 95! A three year project consisting of 47 shelves, 234 boxes and 2575 files. AWM 95s are the Commanders' Diaries of the Australian Army ranging from 1948 to 1975, covering the Malayan Emergency, Malay Peninsula and the Vietnam War. Most diaries consist of a cover with an index, a daily narrative of events, and annexes. The AWM 95 series is the latest digitisation project to be completed by the Australian …

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