• Ottoman prisoner of war beadwork

    Monday 25 June 2007 by Dianne Rutherford. 9 comments

    rel-09785_1.jpg I normally reside in the Research Centre, working with Mal and Robyn, but for the past five months I have been working in the Memorial’s Military Heraldry and Technology section (MHT). MHT's collection includes uniforms, medals, souvenirs, trench art, weaponry, vehicles and other interesting items. Some items from the MHT collection have been selected for display in Lawrence exhibition. Of the items …

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  • Public Lecture by Jeremy Wilson

    Thursday 3 May 2007 by Mal Booth. 1 comments

    Front cover: “Lawrence of Arabia”, Jeremy Wilson 1989 Jeremy Wilson will be coming out to Canberra for the opening of our exhibition, with support from the British High Commission in Canberra. He will give a public talk in our Telstra Theatre on Sunday, 9 December 2007. Jeremy who wrote Lawrence of Arabia - the Authorised Biography (1989) is recognised as the world's leading scholar on Lawrence. He also wrote the …

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  • Film review posted & Churchill

    Wednesday 28 February 2007 by Mal Booth.

    I've just put up Matthew Gibbs' review of the film Lawrence of Arabia against our call for reviews. You can find it here and it is well worth a read. Matthew is a freelance writer from Sydney with a good knowledge of Lawrence. Churchill's Bodyguard While I'm here, did anyone else catch the appearance by Lawrence in the SBS TV show As It Happened about Churchill's bodyguard on Friday night (23 February 2007)? The …

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  • Update on blog & our exhibition

    Tuesday 20 February 2007 by Mal Booth.

    I am sorry that there have been few posts recently. It isn't because we have all been on holiday. This time of year is simply a very busy period for all of us, with many planning and budget deadlines to meet. As well, we are now finalising details for the last couple of loans needed for the Lawrence exhibition and I've been particularly preoccupied by these negotiations. Hopefully, they will lead to an impressive range of historical …

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  • Who are we?

    Thursday 18 January 2007 by Mal Booth.

    At last! Here are the photos from our December 2006 film screening of Lawrence of Arabia. Under these nearly authentic period disguises, our exhibition team is all but revealed. Brad the Light Horseman A Nurse Called Robyn Save Our Souls Susie Nigel of Arabia Mal Not Really of Arabia       So, to explain this rogues' gallery from left to right: on the …

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  • Lawrence of Arabia - a curator's view

    Thursday 21 December 2006 by Mal Booth. 1 comments

    Well, our little exhibition team did all go to watch Lawrence of Arabia in period costume as planned. There will soon be some very embarassing photos and perhaps some film footage displayed on this blog, so keep an eye out for them. I thought that I'd give you my perspective of the film as the curator of our exhibition. (My apologies, for this is a long post and there are no images!) For me, looking again at this film after spending so …

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  • Canberra screening of 'Lawrence of Arabia'

    Wednesday 29 November 2006 by Mal Booth.

    Lawrence of Arabia film poster As part of the Evolution Film Festival, Canberra's Electric Shadows cinema will be screening David Lean's Lawrence of Arabia on 2 and 7 December 2006. This 1962 film is largely responsible for Lawrence's enduring image with many people today. We will be going to the Saturday evening screening (the show starts at 7.30 pm but get there early) to hand out some flyers about our …

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  • The Taking of Damascus

    Tuesday 14 November 2006 by Mal Booth. 2 comments

    Lieutenant General Sir Harry Chauvel by George Lambert ART02734The blog has recently received a number of comments that reveal the entry into Damascus in October 1918 still inspires strong feelings. The question of who was the first to enter the city has been disputed ever since. The evidence now points to the men of Brigadier General L C Wilson's 3rd Light Horse Brigade as being the first troops to enter Damascus in the …

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  • Handbook of the Turkish Army

    Tuesday 10 October 2006 by Robyn Van-Dyk. 1 comments

    Lawrence worked for the Military Intelligence Department in Cairo as an intelligence officer from December Handbook of the Turkish Army, 1 March 1915 1914 to November 1916. His knowledge of the Middle East gained through his pre-war studies and work as an archaeologist in Syria and Sinai, were put to good use in Cairo gathering and collating intelligence on enemy troops throughout the Turkish Empire and producing maps in …

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  • Viewing the IWM Exhibition - April 2006 (Part One)

    Sunday 8 October 2006 by Mal Booth.

    Imperial War Museum In 2005 we knew the Imperial War Museum was putting together a large exhibition on the whole life of T.E. Lawrence and at one stage we thought it may have been possible to ask for the exhibition to come to Australia after it had finished at the IWM. This of course proved to be impossible due to the large number of loans negotiated especially for the exhibition by the IWM. We decided to run our own …

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