Bryant’s Diary: Friday 21st March 1941

Today was one of the lousiest days I’ve put in anywhere.  The weather was terrible.  The old Sahara Desert can be very nasty when it likes.  Sand is everywhere.  A warning order has arrived ready to move by night.  It might be tomorrow night.  Information has been received that some Wogs* are signalling to aircraft by placing their camels near objectives.  We’ll have to watch them.

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Monday 7 March 2011 by Carlie Walker. 1 comments.
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Bryant’s Diary: Friday 7th March 1941

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Monday 28 February 2011 by Carlie Walker. No comments.
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For information on the locations mentioned in this blog entry, see the Eastern Mediterranean map in chapter 1, page 5 of the Second War official histories:


Bryant’s Diary: Friday 28th February 1941

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Monday 31 January 2011 by Carlie Walker. No comments.
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For the Introduction and Glossary for this blog go to:



Owen Thomas Cosgriff

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Friday 18 June 2010 by Karl James. 6 comments.
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1941 was a year of battle. It was a time of victories and defeat. Australian soldiers, sailors, and airmen fought their first major battles of the Second World War in North Africa and in the Mediterranean. Australian and British troops won a series of early successes in Libya and later in Syria. But they also suffered greatly on mainland Greece and on Crete. When a rapid German offensive swept the British from Libya, all that stopped the Germans from continuing into Egypt was the defiant garrison at Tobruk.

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