Advertisement for Spiller, Booser & Co.

Collection ID ART00037.004
Collection type Art
Title Advertisement for Spiller, Booser & Co.
Measurement sheet: 20 x 39.2 cm; image: 9.8 x 21 cm (irreg.)
Object type Drawing
Maker Hewkley, F Paget
Date made 1915
Copyright Copyright expired - public domain

The champagne bottle was used to illustrate' Spiller and Booser Co.' as part of the advertising section of 'The ANZAC Book'.

This drawing was first published in 'The ANZAC Book' in 1916. The ANZAC book included illustrations, poems, stories and other creative works from the soldiers on the Gallipoli Peninsula.

Initiated in November 1915, CEW Bean, an official war correspondent and eventually official war historian, called for contributions for what was initially to be an ANZAC New Year magazine. Bean edited the work on the island of Imbros and after the Greek publisher fell through, arranged to have the work published in London by Cassell and Company. The ANZAC book is composed of satirical and sombre pieces about the conditions of life at Gallipoli, providing a general outline of the April 25 landing at ANZAC Cove, military advances, offensives and defensives undertaken in the following months until the eventual evacuation of the Allied forces at the end of December 1915.

The introduction of the ANZAC book was written by General Sir W Birdwood, who explains how he named ANZAC Cove on the Gallipoli Peninsula after the ANZAC forces. Bean contributed an editor's note in which he outlined the harsh conditions that the book was produced in, the significance it had taken on, and acknowledged the many contributors.


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