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ID number ART02857
Title Study for dead trooper and detail of Turkish trench, Gallipoli (Pro patria)
Collection Art
Object type Painting
Maker Lambert, George (Artist)
Place made Ottoman Empire: Turkey, Dardanelles, Gallipoli
Date made 24 February and 3-4 March 1919
Medium oil on canvas
Measurement overall: 35.7 x 45.8 cm


Depicts a study of Turkish trench on Johnston's Jolly, with posed 'corpse' in front. The 'corpse' is 1269 Trooper William Henry Spruce, 7 Light Horse Regiment, wearing tunic, slouch hat, trousers and boots, with rifle nearby, lying prone. Lambert painted the work in 1919 in two sessions. On 24 February 1919 he wrote: "The weather improved on this morning and with my light horseman I footed it to a very interesting Turkish trench on a hill called 'Johnson's Jollie [sic]' and there did quite a good correct study of Spruce, the light horseman, as a stiff. It was quite exciting in that I had the right kind of man in right clothes and right ground. In addition to correct surroundings & light I may mention the equipment - webbing equipment. In fact everything right. A four hours' stretch and worth it!" (George Lambert to Amy Lambert, 24 February 1919); and on 4 March 1919: "after Mungaree I went over to Johnston's Jollie [sic] & finished right out the sketch I began a week ago of Spruce posing for a stiff." (George Lambert to Amy Lambert, 4 March 1919).