Infantryman, 2/4 Bn 6 Div - Winter, Baalbek
ID numberART21307
Collection typeArt
TitleInfantryman, 2/4 Bn 6 Div - Winter, Baalbek
MeasurementOverall: 41.6 x 33.5 cm
Object typeDrawing
MakerDargie, William
Place madeFrench Mandate for Syria and Lebanon: Lebanon, Beirut Tripoli Area, Baalbek
Date made26 December 1941
Physical descriptionbrown conte crayons heightened with white over pencil on paper
CopyrightAWM copyright
DescriptionDepicts a portrait of a member of the 6th Australian Division who spent Christmas-New Year period in the intense cold and heavy snow falls in the Baalbeck area, Syria.