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ID number ART22090
Title Great ----- sense of humour you blokes've got!
Collection Art
Object type Drawing
Artist Dargie, William
Place made New Guinea: Huon Peninsula, Ramu River Finisterre Ranges Area
Date made March - April 1944
Medium pen, ink and wash on paper
Measurement Overall: 17.8 x 20.5 cm


Sketch of an Australian soldier standing in a pool of muddy water, holding a rifle and waving his fist at his fellow soldiers who are all sitting around laughing. Dargie noted:
"The essence of slap stick humour is still the dignified gent who steps on a banana skin. We were resting near the top of Casey's Knoll, and on the other side of a deep mud pool, when we saw an overloaded straggler making his way with grim earnestness up the greasy slope toward us. We all watched him in silence, but with great interest; all of us had come to grief, more or less, in that mud pool, and we wanted to see what sort of a crossing he made. He came to the edge, looked for a way round (there wasn't any. We knew!) stepped gingerly forward --- and fell flat on his face. That pool was three feet deep. He broke surface again, looked at his heartless cobbers splitting their sides, and made his comment".