ID number ART22163
Title The Samurai sword
Collection Art
Object type Drawing
Maker Dargie, William (Artist)
Place made New Guinea: Huon Peninsula, Ramu River Finisterre Ranges Area, Finisterre Ranges
Date made March - April 1944
Medium pen, ink and wash on paper
Measurement Overall: 25.2 cm x 16.1 cm


An Australian soldier stands holding a Japanese samurai sword pointing into the ground. In the foreground of the sketch are bodies of dead Japanese soldiers. Dargie noted:
"This is the most coveted prize a soldier can get from the enemy, not because of its souvenir value alone, but because it can usually be sold to an American for anything up to £150.
But in this case, the sight of an Australian soldier holding the sword and turning to look into the distance, with the half-stripped bodies of two enemy dead below and in front of him, seemed to have something symbolic in it".