ID numberART22745
Collection typeArt
TitleAir sea rescue, 1943 (Flying Officer John Shelton, warrant officer Fred Ring, Flying Officer A Filear, Sergeant S.J. Bell, Lega and US Pilot Lieutenant George Wicks)
MeasurementOverall: 54.6 x 67.6 cm
Object typeDrawing
MakerHodgkinson, Roy
Place madeNew Guinea
Date madeJanuary 1944
Physical descriptioncharcoal and crayon with sanguine conte crayon on paper
CopyrightAWM copyright
DescriptionBootless Bay; air-sea rescue, launch; 45 Operational Base Unit, Air-Sea Rescue Unit; l-r: Flying A J Filear, Commanding RAAF Flying Boat Base and Marine Section, Sergeant G J Bell, coxswain of crash boat, Warrant Frederick Ring, Lieutenant George Wicks, USAF, Flight Lieutenant John Grantley Shelton, Medical, Lega, native crew boy, and the unidentified body of a deceased USAF airman; survival equipment - rubber raft, Mae West life jacket