ID numberART22776
Collection typeArt
TitleMess deck of HMAS Nepal, 7th Destroyer Flotilla
MeasurementOverall: 41.6 x 52.8 cm
Object typeDrawing
MakerHodgkinson, Roy
Place madeCeylon: Colombo
Date made1945
Physical descriptioncoloured crayons on paper
CopyrightAWM copyright
DescriptionShowing four unidentified sailors, of the crew HMAS Nepal, in the confined space of their living quarters. One is ironing a shirt, one sewing on a button, one is "flaked out", or relaxed, on a form, whilst the other is completely "flakers" (asleep) over the table - oblivious to the racy conversation and records of swing and classics pouring from the mess-deck loud speaker, Colombo, Ceylon.