In the slit trench, Gambut
ID numberART23895
Collection typeArt
TitleIn the slit trench, Gambut
MeasurementOverall: 43.2 x 38.6 cm
Object typePainting
MakerDargie, William
Place madeNorth Africa: Western Desert, Libya, Cyrenaica, Bardia Area, Gambut
Date madeMarch 1942
Physical descriptionoil on canvas on hardboard
CopyrightAWM copyright
DescriptionDargie noted, "Pilots of No 450 Sqdn [Squadron] RAAF [Royal Australian Air Force], surprised by German ME 109's raiding the 'drome. Caught without a tin hat, one pilot holds a spade over his head to protect himself from falling shrapnel. Bursts of white ack-ack can be seen in the sky. These surprise day raids by Jerry, though never of long duration (mostly hit-and-run affairs) could effect quite a lot of damage. On one occassion he set on fire six Kittyhawks, which were on the drome on stand-by; on another he caught three Hurricanes which had just taken off & shot down two of them. On the occassion depicted in this sketch some of the 109's were carrying two light anti-personnel bombs, which they dropped among the grounded planes".