Infecting mosquitoes with malaria (Gunner Gilbert Seaton)
ID numberART24269
Collection typeArt
TitleInfecting mosquitoes with malaria (Gunner Gilbert Seaton)
MeasurementSheet: 48.4 cm x 36.2 cm; image: 34 cm x 39 cm
Object typeDrawing
MakerHeysen, Nora
Place madeAustralia: Queensland, North Queensland, Cairns
Date made9 September 1945
Physical descriptionblack conte crayon over pencil
CopyrightAWM copyright
DescriptionSeated at the LHQ Medical Research Unit, Gunner Gilbert Rowland Seaton (WX22004), RAA, is a voluteer participant in the top secret studies that were aimed to further knowledge about the treatment and prevention of malaria. Gunner Seaton who carried a malaria parasite is seated with his arm inside a cage containing mosquitoes which would bite Gunner Seaton and as a result take up the malaria parasite. These mosquitoes would then be used to infect volunteer subjects with malaria in order for further testing to be carried out under controlled conditions.